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Make Your Own Coconut Hair Conditioner #HowTo

This is an excellent conditioner for oily hair and will leave your locks feeling light and soft. The milk of the coconut nourishes the hair and the oil softens your hair while soothing your...

Creating A Family Library That Will Be Used For More Than Storage

As my regular readers will know we are a family of book lovers. There’s something wonderful about everyone under one roof sharing a love of literature and, on a practical level, it can make for...


3 Genius Kids Party Ideas That Don’t Include Your House Getting Wrecked

The thing about kids' birthday parties is that while they are a lot of fun, they are also a lot of work. After all, you have all that prep to do, and once all...

Raising Grateful Children #HowTo

Instilling a sense of gratitude into a child can certainly be a challenge, but there are many effective ways to achieve this. Children can be taught how to say “please” and "thank you, ”...

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How to Make Holiday Decorations With Books #Craft

If you’re of the crafting persuasion, then you've probably already started planning (if not doing) your Christmas projects and if you’re like me, books...

Spring Has Sprung And It’s Time For Fun With @DKCanada

We all know how difficult it can be to keep the kids amused through the spring break and I know I am not the...

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Tasty Teas To Your Mailbox From Tea Sparrow #Review

Being born in Britain, I am the stereotypical tea drinker. When I moved to Vancouver, the coffee shop culture came as a real shock. It wasn't just hot water & some instant granules -...

Get the VIP treatment you deserve at the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique

Let's face it; holiday shopping is not always the most fun thing to do. I enjoy making a list (& checking it twice) planning the shopping and enjoying the thought of the look on...

Don’t Miss These Cute Towns in BC

British Columbia is easily one of the most beautiful Provinces in Canada. The countryside has beautiful hills and mountains, a lush green landscape and it seems like there are flowers around every corner. When...