BC Towns

British Columbia is easily one of the most beautiful Provinces in Canada. The countryside has beautiful hills and mountains, a lush green landscape and it seems like there are flowers around every corner. When you are in Canada for a visit, don’t miss these cute towns in British Columbia.



Smithers is one of those small towns that you just want to visit every year and stay awhile. Smithers has a Main Street lined with mom and pop stores, a couple of coffee houses, and some incredible restaurants. At the entrance is a hand-carved Bugle Boy welcoming visitors to this cute town. There are pendant flags waving in the wind as pedestrians walk from the downtown to the local Farmer’s Market. Smithers is nestled between snow-capped mountains. Hiking, fishing, and boating on the river are excellent activities to do is this cute town in British Columbia.



Steward is firmly in Canada and borders Hyder, which is the first place you can step foot into Alaska. On the road to Stewart is the impressive Bear Glacier and lake – such an amazing sight! Stewart also has a nature preserve that is home to hundreds of species of birds including Bald Eagles. Stewart is a cute small town with local restaurants and lodging choices. Be on the lookout for the Black Bears and Grizzlies as they like to call Stewart home too! On the Hyder side is a great place to watch the bears hunt for salmon in the summer months. What a spectacular sight to see!



Just south of Prince George is Quesnel, which is a small town located right on the Quesnel River. You can see a beautiful old bridge with a waterwheel at the historic park. There you can read about how important this river was to trade and progress in Canada. Quesnel is just a great place to walk around and see how small town living really is. Quesnel has local restaurants and is the perfect distance to get away from the larger city of Prince George for the weekend.

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