Editorial Standards & Ethics

RedheadedPatti.com strives to bring you accurate, reliable, fact-checked information.


RedheadedPatti.com is not aligned with any political, religious, cultural, or other organizations and as such strives to create content without distortion or bias.


Some content on RedheadedPatti.com is of a personal or opinion led nature and, as such, may directly reflect the thoughts and opinions of the creator.

Opinion pieces will be clearly labelled as such.

However – Again.

We also recognize a creators’ right to free speech. If someone who has submitted content to Redheadedpatti.com has a strong personal belief or a relationship to a specific political movement, and that is relevant to the content in question, we will disclose that information to our readers.

Sourcing, Interviews, And Content

Whenever possible,RedheadedPatti.com is transparent about where our content comes from, whether it is from a press release, a person, or another publication and we make credit clear to our readers.


The RedheadedPatti.com editorial team believes everyone has a right to dignity, respect, and we strive to recognize the personal, organizational, and cultural beliefs and values relevant to our readers.

We will not tolerate any discriminatory content or comments on either our website or our social media channels. Discrimination is defined as:

“Any negative action or attitude directed toward someone because of characteristics, such as race, and gender. Other characteristics to which this applies are:

  • Age
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity/ nationality
  • Disability/ medical history
  • Marriage / civil partnership
  • Pregnancy / maternity/ paternity
  • Gender identity/ sexual orientation

When covering sensitive topics, we will include warnings if articles contain graphic information or details that may be difficult to read. We also include resources and helplines so that readers can take action and fully understand the material discussed.