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The 16 Creepiest Fairy Tales To Avoid Sharing With The Kids

“Fairy Tales” evoke thoughts of gentle stories with pretty princesses, handsome princes, and plenty of fluffy bunnies. But this isn't always true. The sanitized Disney whitewashes we see may be entertaining movies we can share with our children, but initially, fairy tales were much darker, serious stories designed for both...

The Penalty Box #Review @The_HockeyBox

If I had to choose the thing that drives me most crazy about the kids playing hockey it would not be getting up in the middle of the night to get down to the rink for practice. It would not be the stink of the hockey gear or the...

Reading Eggs: Our October Progress Update

As regular readers will know, we are trying Reading Eggs to help both Evey and Gabe with their literacy and numeracy. Yes, you read that right, numeracy. The Reading Eggs program has, in addition to the three interconnected reading programs, Mathseeds a math program for children ages...

18 DIY Kids Room Storage Ideas

Every family has their own personal storage and tidying challenges. Whether it is a herd of teenagers who shed clothes and belongings as they maraud around the house or your autistic son who has to have everything arranged just so before he can go to sleep, hopefully, I have found...

Home Based Jobs for Extra Holiday Cash

It's not uncommon to be in need extra cash, regardless of the time of year but the holidays can be especially rough on you the finances.  So, why not take advantage of the fast-paced holiday season and provide one (or more) of the following services to the hard-working folks...

How To Makeover A Kids Room Without Breaking The Bank

Your child’s room is more than just a place where they lay their head at night. It’s a place to call their own. It is a place in which your kiddo should be able to, within reason, express themselves, with kids’ colors and style rules.

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15 DIY Wedding Projects Anyone Can Do #Craft

Summer is approaching and with it comes wedding season. For a while, weddings became increasingly more elaborate and therefore expensive until an attitude change...

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5 Workable Tips To Improve Your Child’s Handwriting #Infographic

How To Improve Your Child’s Handwriting Infographic Uni-ball has put together these 5 top tips to help improve your child’s...