Self-Help For Addictions

As humans, we are incredible creatures. We can adapt to almost any new environment with ease, our brain power goes beyond what we can...

Heroes of the City Review

When the folks behind "Heroes of the City" contacted me & asked if I would like to review their app, I jumped at the...

Days Out & Travel

The Must-Have Features for Long Stay Apartments

Finding a long-stay apartment can be overwhelming. Regardless of whether you need to temporarily move for a business trip or long-term relocation, you should...

10 Fun Family Activities In Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison is, of course, famous for it's Hot Springs but this little community (pop. 1,573) has so much more to offer. There is fun...


Easy DIY Fabric Produce Bag

Supplies 1/2 yard of your complimentary cotton fabric - Amazon Washable fabric pen - Amazon Rotary cutting mat set - Amazon Scissors - Amazon All-purpose thread Wonder sewing...

Sia’s Film Has Been Panned By Parents, But Try These Autism-Centered Alternatives

The concept of music is one that fills so many people with joy. The idea of sharing music with one another has been a...

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News For Famalies

A New Kind of Math Book for Kids

Bright orange background with Challenging Math Riddles for Kids written across it. Around the title there are random math signs and pencils.
"Challenging math riddles for kids teaches critical thinking, promotes reasoning and logic, and improves problem solving skills."

Books Etc

My 11 Reasons to Walk for Fitness – With a Little Help From @DKCanada

My promise to myself this New Year was to begin walking on a regular basis, but a bout of impromptu ice dance on our...

Eyewitness Books from @DKCanada – A new look for a new generation

Eyewitness books were a staple in the school library when I was small. I remember the big white hardbacks with eyewitness books l across...


First-Time Homeowner? These Tips Will Help You Care For Your Home

Roughly 32 million Americans in 2018 moved into new homes. Owning a new home is exciting and you may have tons of ideas on...