Christmas Is Coming

Turn Any Journey Into A North pole Express Experience #Printable

As Christmas approaches railways around the world gear up to host their North Pole Express experiences. These trips are fabulous fun for adults and children alike but what if there isn't an event near you, or there is but the price makes it out of the question...

18 Advent Calendars For Tweens And Teens

Teens and tweens are often under-represented in our Christmas traditions. While it can be easy to find a gift, some gift wrap, or an advent calendar for little ones, it can be tough to find advent calendars for tweens and teens. Luckily there are...

25 DIY Blankets to Give as Gifts or Keep Forever

Our three oldest children never had a blanket they were attached to, despite my efforts. I had always imagined it would be so cute to see a little one waddling along with their blanket trailing behind them but, alas that was not to be. UNTIL - Our fourth child...

Heartfelt Gifts That Everyone Can Love

Whenever you are looking for a gift for a loved one, it can always be a challenge working out what to give. One of the hardest is when you are trying to give something that is genuinely very heartfelt, but you don’t quite know what it should be. Perhaps...

Look – You Can Create This Cute Woodblock Minecraft Snowman #Crafts

Materials Needed downloadable printable snowman pieces paper printer scissors Mod Podge small paint brush 3 one-inch wood blocks (can be found on Amazon) ribbon (for a scarf) What To Do Print out this snowman printable and carefully trim each piece. ...

Security Season By Season

For the most part, security isn’t something many of us pay a lot of attention to on a moment by moment basis. It’s something that we tend to take for granted. We do the basics, of course, but it’s not something on which we are overly focused. That’s a good...

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The maker and caretaker of little humans and the wife to the love of her life Patti curates knowledge, activities, crafts, and experiences for other families to enjoy. "Blessed" with insomnia, she gets to fill 20 hours a day in the pursuit of stories, news, and knowledge. Usually, found with a cup of tea in her hand, Patti requests you send snacks as the kids have eaten all of hers.



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