4 No-Brainer Parenting Tips to Follow

There's a million books about it, even more articles and blogs about it, and even more people around you that will tell you how to parent. But the fact of the matter is, not...

“UFC – A Visual History” @DKCanada #Review

    Whether you have been a fan from the beginning and know exactly who the "Let it Bleed" guy is, or you discovered UFC when Rhonda Rousey brought women's UFC to the fore, this book...

Timeline Canada & Braintopia: Card Games With Lessons

As some of you will know, our eldest child is not only awesome, but they also manage a games store. Games of the board, cards, and dice kind that is, not the electronic kind....

How to Make Your Home More Accessible

A more accessible home will be a lot more appealing to family and friends. Everyone, yourself included, will enjoy it when it's easy to move through the house independently, despite having different needs. Accessibility...

Family Fun

A New Kind of Math Book for Kids

challenging math riddles for kids book cover
"Challenging math riddles for kids teaches critical thinking, promotes reasoning and logic, and improves problem solving skills."

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Becoming More Sustainable

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Get Crafty

Create A Cute, Woodblock, Minecraft Snowman #Crafts

Materials Needed downloadable printable snowman pieces paper printer scissors Mod Podge small paint brush 3 one-inch wood blocks (can be found on Amazon) ribbon (for...

From Domestic Disaster to Domestic Diva with “Idiot’s Guides”

When I was asked to take a look at some of the "Idiots Guide" books I had a tough time choosing which ones to try. I am, pretty much an idiot in so many...

Oh Canada

The Best Microbreweries In #BeautifulBritishColumbia

Microbreweries are popping up in all over the world with this recent craft beer movement, and British Columbia is no exception! Some great micro brews call British Columbia home. No matter where you travel...

In The Garden

4 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Family-Friendly

When you have a great outdoor space, you want it to be an area the whole family can enjoy together. This is especially true with summer being just around the corner -- you don't...

Family Travel

Vancouver With Kids – Does Science World Cure “The Boreds”

If you are looking for things to do in Vancouver with kids, one of the first things you'll hear is "Take them to Science World." So I've put together a post with a rundown...

Family Life

Car Camping With Kids: Tips for Adventurous Families

With summer well on its way, many families might be starting to plan ahead for family outings and special getaways. Since 62% of Americans reported taking a vacation away from home in 2017, it...
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Grains As Mains @DKCanada Book #Review

I'm not one to follow food fads very often. That should read "I don't follow food fads at all." Most of the time if a meal is generally balanced & healthy and I can...

The Gift of Faith With Butterfly Box Subscription and Gift Boxes #Review

If you are struggling to find a gift for a friend or relative in your life who are pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ, Butterfly Box produces unique subscription and gift box are thoughtfully...


Home School Holiday Gift Guide

  We made the decision to homeschool because the school system wasn't working for our sons with autism. One of the unexpected benefits is that our kids no-longer consider playing and learning as separate activities...