Making Time To Look After You, Without Feeling Guilty

We are all guilty of pushing our needs aside to look after the other people in our lives. While that is admirable, it can...

The Worst Reviews Of Iconic US Attractions

Are you fed up because you can't travel right now? Had you been considering a visit to one, or several, iconic spots in the...

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Discover 24 Camping Books for Kids – PLUS – A Printable Reading Tracker

What better way to encourage reading and a love of sleeping under the stars than by combining the two with books about camping that...

4 Tips for Finding Kid-Friendly Restaurants On-The-Go

These days, it can seem like parents' schedules are so busy that eating at home is impossible. Though we may try our best to...


Arithmophobia? @DKCanada Has The Cure

If you live in constant fear of your children discovering you don't know a quadratic equation from a hole in the ground, then Dorling...

Why Kids Should Create A Travel Journal + Printable Travel Journal

You do not need to be an explorer of far off places in order to record your adventures in a travel journal. Nor do...

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A New Kind of Math Book for Kids

Bright orange background with Challenging Math Riddles for Kids written across it. Around the title there are random math signs and pencils.
"Challenging math riddles for kids teaches critical thinking, promotes reasoning and logic, and improves problem solving skills."

Books Etc

5 Ways to Use a Spare Room in Your House

In a house, most of the main rooms have a specific purpose to serve. But if you have a spare room in your house,...

My First Encyclopedia by @DKCanada #Review

When we decided to homeschool our youngest son Gabriel,  I tweeted a few of the major publishers to ask which books they might recommend...


Make a Pretty Decoupage Flower Pot

We love this decoupage flower pot craft because it is easy for almost anyone to make. Not only that, the craft can be tailored...