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Free School Lunches Could Mean Improved Student Health, Study Shows

Georgia State University researchers Will Davis and Tareena Musaddiq conducted a study that found a positive relationship between free school lunches and student health. The...

Give while you shop with This Counts Canada

This Counts Canada is a brand new Canadian owned & operated retail site that provides you with fun and rewarding personalized marketplace. Users can...

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Turning Your Home Into a Hellish Haunted House This Halloween #HowTo

Fall is here and along with the dreaded pumpkin spice lattes, beautiful crisp orange leaves and a pleasant smoky- smelling mist hovering in the...

Mile High Pie #Recipe

Ingredients 35 vanilla wafers, finely crushed (about 1 cup) 1/4 cup butter, melted 1 pkg. (3.9 oz.) of instant chocolate pudding mix 2 cups of cold milk, divided 1/2...




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What’s Your Childs’ Learning Style?

Have you ever tried to figure out which learning style your child has? It can be hard to determine if your child’s learning style...

Math Skills Every 1st Grader Needs to Know

Congratulations! Your child has officially graduated from kindergarten and is ready to start first grade. Although your child might be excited about this change,...

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