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Car Accessories Every Parent Needs

Chances are, if you have kids, you have a vehicle. In fact, in the U.S., only 8.7% of households did not have a vehicle in 2016. Many...

What is the Best Coffee Machine for Home Use?

What does your morning ritual look like? For many, the bleary-eyed scramble into consciousness is aided by that bitter brown gold, coffee. Coffee has been pepping up busy humans for hundreds of...


Get It Before You Pop – What To Buy Before The Baby Gets Here

Some women get the urge to begin 'nesting,' while they are pregnant, others do not feel like doing much of anything.  But even if you feel awful, it is still vital that you spend...

Help Your Kids Manage Their Healthcare Fears

For the most part, children are fearless little beasts. They jump from the most eye-watering heights, they throw themselves down dangerous slopes, and they go faster than is safe at every opportunity. They leap from sofa...

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Going Back To School When You’re All Grown Up

If you have made a mistake and stopped learning, it is never too late to restart. In fact, you might find that once your...

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“I See Me” – Personalised Children’s Books – Review

About "I Can Change the World" by I See Me We were fortunate enough to be sent a copy of "I can change the world"...

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Niagara Falls, USA vs. Niagara Falls, Canada

I have always wanted to visit Niagra Falls but I have heard conflicting reports on which side of the falls is best. Some say the New York side, after all, what would a trip...

Canada Day Red Velvet Whoopee Pies #Recipe

You know you can always rely on me to do something simple and last minute and these Canada Day cakes are no exception. Despite my imaginative plans for all manner of fancy individual cakes and...

Endless Active Fun With PlasmaCar #Review

There is a reason I started to avoid going to our local bookstore with our kids, and that reason was PlasmaCar. You see, in the bookstore children's section there are some toys to try out,...