You probably like to make sure that you’re providing your elderly parents every support they need to live independently and stay safe. If so, there are a couple of things you should avoid. Don’t try to be the parent and don’t put pressure on them. Have faith in your parent’s abilities. Let them choose which activities to try and most importantly, don’t force them to give up their independence. Below you will find a few helpful tips that will help you support your parents more effectively.

Supported Living

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If your older parents have various care and health needs, and you can’t look after them 24/7, you might want them to move into a supported living facility with nurses on site. If they have limited mobility, they will like having their separate apartment, while getting the attention and support they need to live an independent and full life.

Home Alterations

If your relatives are generally well, but not able to complete some jobs around the home, or they have balance issues, some simple small home alterations will make their lives easier. Think about the different things they are used to being able to do, and can’t complete anymore. This can be vacuuming, climbing the stairs,or getting in and out of the bath. With some small home adjustments you can make their lives easier.

Staying Mobile

Social life is important for older people as well as young ones. If your relatives live in a remote area, and rely on their car or public transport, you will need to make sure that they are safe behind the wheel or going out alone. You might want to assess their driving skills and reaction time, and get them to enroll in extra courses to boost their confidence, so they can go and do their shopping or meet friends.

Boosting their Confidence

Elderly people, especially those living alone often feel low and they suffer from low self-esteem. You can help them by getting local visitors to engage with them. You can take them to a local dentist to get all on four dental implants to feel better about how they look when meeting new people.  Get them involved with a charity or local organization, community center, and they will feel that they are valuable and have something to provide for the society.

Get them to Take On Hobbies

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One of the mistakes many people make when they retire is they don’t fill their time with useful and exciting experiences. If suitable, you could encourage your parents to get a dog. A four-legged friend is an excellent incentive to go out for walks. In addition, having something to care for is a great incentive for getting out of bed in the morning.

Alternatively, perhaps a new crafting hobby would be just the ticket. Learning a new skill and setting up a small craft workshop can be incredibily invigorating. It is your responsibility to help them find a new purpose in life and keep going, stay motivated, and active.

If you are looking to help your elderly relatives live a full, independent life, you need to encourage them to find a purpose and stay active.