We’ve spoken in the past about the challenges of parenting in the digital age. Us parents now have fears about what our kids do when they’re in their bedrooms as well as out and about. With stories of internet predators and online bullying, it’s natural to have concerns about the technology our kids use.

But, to say technology is all bad would be to oversimplify things. While there’s no ignoring the risks, it’s also worth turning your attention to some of the less obvious tech benefits. This is especially the case when we consider teens. Those teen years are tricky, and your kids are going to fight against you every step of the way. You’ve been there; you should remember that all children want at that age is independence. Only, as the adult, you know they aren’t ready for it. As such, it isn’t unusual for you and your teen to lock horns and enter constant battles.

You aren’t blocking your teen’s experiences to spite them. You want to keep them safe. While you might not realize it, technology could be a help here. If used in the right way, it could provide some independence without leaving their room. And, that could be the best of both worlds. But, what tech can help achieve this? Read on to find out.

Unmonitored internet access

When our kids are young, monitoring their online activity is a prerequisite. You need to make sure they aren’t speaking to people they shouldn’t. But, it might be worth loosening the reins during their teen years. Teenagers have a lot of questions and curiosities, many of them embarrassing. As such, online searches may be the only way for them to get answers. But, they aren’t going to search if they know you can check in. Of course, you still need to tell them about the risks. But, it might be worth letting their search engine become private again.


Drones like those found at omniviewtech.ca are a fantastic option for teens. At this age, they want to get as far from the family home as possible. But, it’s not always safe to do so. A drone is a fantastic compromise. By flying this, they can get a feel for the open road, or areas they aren’t allowed to explore alone. And, they can do it from the comfort of their bedroom. It might not quite be flying the nest, but this can at least give them say way to spread their wings.

Subscription television


Many teens feel misunderstood. And, many shows on streaming services like Netflix portray characters who feel the same way. As can be seen from lists like this one on www.vulture.com, there are plenty of Netflix shows which could help your teen feel less alone. Shows like 13 Reasons Why also deal with tricky subjects about which your teen may want to know. There’s little chance of mainstream television showing programs like that. As such, it’s worth getting them a subscription and letting them explore.