If your kids are like ours they are often deciding they have a new exciting hobby that they really must try right now. So as long as the hobby fits into the household budget and time allows, we try to encourage the kids to try different pastimes as they grow because it is just as important as teaching them everyday life skills and academics.

With that being said, there are some hobbies that bring out the superstar in your child. When we say, superstar, we do not necessarily mean “famous and rich celebrity” we mean a person who has found something they love and excelled at it. You’ve seen individuals who are passionate about what they do, and they are successful because of that passion, and it is no different for children. Here are some hobbies that may just help your child discover their inner passion and make them the superstar they can be.

A Comedy Genius?

Are you raising a little comedian? Perhaps your quick-witted child is just full of hilarious responses to any given situation at any given time. If you have a child that seems to have the knack for comedy, then you can encourage this by looking out for drama or theatre classes that specifically mention comedy. Search for local amateur dramatics clubs, and if you are fortunate, you may find a performing arts program that is specifically geared towards comedy. 

The number of people who end up making their living through comedy is minimal, and your child will probably not make it their career, but the skills developed in the performing arts can help a child be more confident in everything they do.

Nature Hobbies

Raising a child who has a green thumb can be beneficial for their adult years, but it can also be a great tool to make them a future superstar. Whether your child has expressed an interest in animal care, gardening, bird-watching, fishing or even outdoor photography, these all fall under the nature hobbies category and can encourage the superstar within. Whether it’s a photo or fishing competition, there are many ways you can use share interest with your child.

These interests can easily transfer into fulfilling careers when they are older. Not everyone may turn out to be a wildlife photographer but there are many of exciting jobs in horticulture, animal care and even support services for photography.


There will always be a place in peoples lives for music. If one of your little ones shows an interest in learning an instrument, research has shown that playing music has lots of positive physical and emotional benefits. Whether your child enjoys singing, playing an instrument or writing their own lyrics, you can find band camps all over for your child. As they get older and more experienced, your kids can follow their interest in any number of directions including instrument making, record production, music teaching, the list is endless.

Can’t Sit Still

Activities like 5K runs, track & field events, team sports or other outdoor activities can really enhance your child’s physical health. Hiking, running competitions and other physical events can give your child that adrenaline rush they seek and encourage a healthy competitive spirit. This skill, in particular, can be an excellent foundation for adult life – how to want to win but lose with dignity is something a lot of adults could do with learning.

There are many types of hobbies in this world; it’s all a matter of listening to your child and hearing what they actually aspire to do in life. A child as young as age two may start showing interest in specific hobbies. Whether they communicate this to you or you only see it in the day to day life of your child, it’s time to start encouraging your child to get involved in something they are passionate about so that they can let their inner superstar shine through.