Summer is all about the parties, and you’re ready to throw a great one. You have the meal all planned out, you’ve come up with some crazy cocktails, and you’ve even picked a theme. This is all good and well, but you can’t forget about safety.

So how can you keep your guests safe during and after a party? Here are a few practical steps you can take to help your guests stay safe at your awesome summer bash.

Have plenty of water

It’s summer, and that means it’s hot outside. Summer heat can cause dehydration, heat stroke, and even worse health consequences, especially for really young and really old guests. Unless you want grandma fainting in the backyard, you should plan ahead to keep guests hydrated. All you have to do is offer plenty of water, ice, and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests. Americans use more than 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour, and you have plenty of options for keeping your guests cool and hydrated.

Know where the closest Urgent Care is

No matter how well you plan, there’s always a small chance that someone will get hurt. A child could fall off the swing set, your cousin might hurt herself playing Can Jam, or you could accidentally burn yourself while using the grill. Just in case something goes wrong, make sure you know where the nearest Urgent Care center is. Roughly 66% of these walk-in centers open before 9 a.m. during the week, 45.7% of urgent care clinics do so on Saturdays, and 31.1% do so on Sundays, too. So even if it’s a weekend, you should be able to quickly treat life’s little accidents.

Test your home for radon

That’s right, we’re talking about the element. Radon is a dangerous gas and the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Why does that matter for you? Roughly one in 15 American homes is estimated to have radon levels at or above the EPA action level. Not only is this incredibly dangerous for you and your family, it can be dangerous to your guests too if they spend time in your house. Make sure you test your home for radon and get the levels down before you invite guests over for that housewarming party.

Watch the kids in the pool

It’s summer, and all the little kiddies are probably going to want to swim in the pool. That’s fine as long as they’re supervised. Make a rule that no one can swim unless someone is watching out for them in the water. You don’t want to risk someone getting hurt or even drowning because no one was paying attention. Even if you aren’t having a pool party, make sure the pool area is well lit at night in case any guests accidentally fall in.

Keep the fire at a distance

The bonfire is arguably one of the best parts of any summer party. You get to eat smores and sit around to reminisce with your friends. Just make sure you have plenty of seating options away from the fire. This will allow your guests to avoid the heat, and it will keep the little ones from getting a little too close to the flames.

Keep the bugs away

Not only are bugs super annoying, but they can actually harm your guests. If one of your party attendees gets stung, bitten, or otherwise injured by a bug outside, it could mean serious health issues. Plus, nothing ruins a party quicker than a flock of buzzing mosquitoes. You have a number of options for warding off pests, such as special candles and traditional bug spray. You can also try setting up a fan outside. This will keep your guests cool and also blow away the mosquitoes, flies, and other uninvited guests.

Light up the night

Finally, you want to make sure you plan accordingly for lighting if you think your party is going to go past sundown. Lighting creates an intimate, welcoming atmosphere, and it also adds safety to your backyard. Your guests won’t be tripping over rocks or stairs if they can see where they’re going. To create the perfect, Pinterest-ready environment, combine practical lights with strings of fairy lights, which can be draped over your outdoor gathering spaces.

Drinking and driving

Have you ever seen a party guest leave for the night and wished you had said something? Don’t regret not speaking up. If you see someone getting ready to drink and drive, it’s your responsibility as a hostess to speak up. Yes, it may be awkward, and the inebriated guest likely won’t be grateful in the moment. However, good friends look out for each other, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Summer is full of fun, but it can also be full of danger if you aren’t careful. When you’re throwing your summer bashes this year, try out some of these tips to make sure your guests are safe at all time. The U.S. party and event planning industry employs more than 134,000 people, but you don’t need to be a professional to throw a successful summer shindig. Simply follow these safety suggestions and have a blast!