Are you trying to find a cute and thoughtful gift for a child in your life?

Do you know a child or adult who enjoys receiving crafting, cards, and coloring items?

Are you one of the people who still enjoy sending and receiving “snail mail”?

If so, then I have got the perfect gift option for you – Doodle Art Greeting Cards By CraftyKizzy

What Do You Get In The Box?


Doodle Art Greeting Cards By CraftyKizzy arrives at your door in a thick cardboard sleeve which itself is inside a plastic postal package. This way you can reuse the cardboard envelope to send your finished products to someone you love.

Nestled inside the envelope is a carefully tissue wrapped package, tied with pretty, stripy string and adorned with cute little gift tags. Again, we kept the tags to reuse them when we snail mailed a gift!

Upon our careful initial unwrapping, we discovered an adorable little canvas bag packed full of goodies. The bag is ready for your junior artist to color, and I barely had a chance to snap this photo before Evey was diving in and claiming the Doodle Art Greeting Cards pack for herself.

After beating her back a bit (figuratively speaking of course!), I had a chance to discover what was waiting for us in the bag. First up was the pretty floral pencil case. Not everyone will receive a pencil case. It is a special gift for those who subscribe for three months or more. It is worth the effort of taking out a subscription and works as the perfect place to store many of the goodies in the pack until you are ready to use them.

Nestling in the package was an array of Halloween themed stickers and some metallic skull stickers with which Evey made bookmarks. There were also two rolls of washi tape and a flyer with a few starter craft instructions to get you going so you do not have to start looking up what to do with the contents of your pack.

The greetings card couldn’t have been more perfect for Evey -a birthday unicorn cupcake card to color in, and she put her own unique artistic spin on the cad before presenting it to her dad for his birthday. Just as appropriate were the colorful gel pens and the sheet of gem-like stickers.

Some of the gem stickers made their way onto Evey’s letter to Santa because “He might like something sparkly”‘ and the rest are snuggled up safely in her pencil case awaiting the opportunity to break free and glam up another letter.

Last, but by no means least, in the package were some stamps and a small sparkly bag with a mini pack of starburst. The starburst mysteriously disappeared, but I suspect that they ended up in Evey’s belly.

Would We Recommend Doodle Art Greetings Cards by Crafty Kizzy?

One of the things I like most about Doodle Art Greeting Cards By CraftyKizzy is the price tag. $8.99 is a reasonable price for the items you receive, and that alone makes it worth subscribing.

However even if the price didn’t make it a fabulous present, the contents of the pack would. This is especially true if you are looking for the perfect gift for a child in your life who lives far away and you want to introduce them to the joys of giving and getting something in the post.

The package encourages the thoughtful creation of crafts, artistic expression, and considerate giving and that combination is a marvelous gift for anyone.

Where Can You Buy Doodle Art Greeting Cards by CraftyKizzy?

Doodle Art Greeting Cards By CraftyKizzy can be purchased at for $8.99.

From Doodle Art Greeting Cards By CraftyKizzy

Doodle Art – We all know kids love to color – This box allows kids to color & craft right along with us, creating a one of a kind greeting card they can mail to a recipient as a keepsake! Receive 2 Doodle Art Coloring Cards/Envelopes each month with 2 First Class Stamps, 2 Colored Gel Pens + 2 Stationary Treasures like stickers, rhinestones or other crafty items to add flair to each card. Start creating beautiful mail now…your children can’t wait!

Cards will be upbeat sentiments like Happy Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You, and Just Because, etc.

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  1. What a great idea! My girls would have a ton of fun sending snail mail and goodies to their cousins and nephews.

  2. This really looks like a lot of fun to receive. My daughter would love it and she is a crafty person!

  3. This is amazing! I know how much I look forward to my subscription boxes. This would provide my children just as much joy! I think I need to get this for my kiddos asap.