In the imaginary land of perfect parenting, the thought of kids playing with bubbles usually evokes images of cheerful little cherubs scampering through the grass. They laugh and giggle as one child blows the bubbles and the other pops them good-naturedly. Then they swap roles and the happy smiley cheery fun begins all over again. Play this on repeat for an entire afternoon.

Our family’s chief bubble popper

In the real world, if your little ones are anything like ours, playing with bubbles goes somewhat differently. First, there is the fight over who gets to blow the bubbles first. Then the bubble blower will get upset as their sibling gleefully pops each bubble before the soapy globe has a chance to be set free from the bubble-wand.

Whining cries of “MOM!!??!!” will rise from the backyard and I’ll get out there just in time for the bottle of bubble liquid to fly through the air, landing on the grass and emptying before anyone can reach it.

This entire process takes approximately four and a half minutes and I take away the bottle, muttering as I do so about the fact they can’t play together and I’m never giving them bubbles again. However. They love bubbles and within the hour they’ll be asking to play bubbles again, swearing that they’ll play together nicely this time.

And guess what?

Thanks to the Gazillion Bubble Rush there is no fight over who gets to blow the bubbles and even the most determined bubble popper has no chance against the thousands of bubbles that emerge from this fabulous machine.

Let me tell you all about it.

The Gazillion Bubble Rush: Features

The Gazillion Bubble Rush is a motorized bubble blowing machine that shoots countless bubbles up into the sky. The Rush also has:

  • A completely enclosed motor unit to prevent curious little fingers getting where they shouldn’t.
  • An innovative recycling system which minimizes bubble liquid wastage and keeps the fun going the whole afternoon.
  • A thoughtfully designed bottle cap valve system which allows you to take one bottle of bubbles off, swap the cap, and immediately replace with another, should you wish.
  • Solid, sturdy parts which come apart in three sections for easy cleaning and drying.

Having said that, knowing the features is one thing, but getting the low-down on how it works is way more important.

So, here goes.

What Happened Before The Gazillion Bubble Rush Test

First up, should let you know that I had planned a quiet, early morning photo shoot for Gazillion Bubble Rush. The theory being that I would have good light and, best of all, no interruptions from those pesky kids.


The moment I pressed the power button, Gabriel appeared, still in his PJ’s and lept into full-on bubble popping action. Normally I ask the kids if they want to be in the review photos, and if they do, I at least like to make sure they’re dressed. I even brush their hair and wash their faces and everything. To look at the littles in most of the photographs on RedheadedPatti you might even think I was half-way capable.


I couldn’t resist sharing these. Take a look at that face. You don’t have to read a review to know that the happiness on his face makes Gazzion Bubbles Rush a hit in our household.

And now, back to the actual review.

The Gazillion Bubble Rush: Review

To start with I like the fact the Rush comes complete with a bottle of liquid, but a heads-up. If you are planning to break it out immediately you will need to pick up 6 AA batteries before you can get the party started.

The machine itself is sturdily built to withstand rough play. It also bounces quite well when you carry it outside, forgetting that the three pieces are designed to separate and only hold the middle section. The heaviest, motor section from the bottom fall to the ground, hit some stonework and didn’t crack chip, or in any other way sustain any damage.

Gazillion Bubble Rush
The Gazillion Bubble Rush AFTER I had dropped it

The instructions aren’t terribly clear but it is easy enough to work out. You take the lid off of the bottle of bubble liquid and replace it with the second lid. This second lid has a hole in it and a rubble valve which allows the liquid to flow into the machine. You then pop the bottle, upside down, on the machine, press the button on the front and away you go. Instant bubbly paradise.

Top Tip: Take the top of the machine, turn it upside down place it onto the bottle and then turn it back up. This minimizes the chance of liquid escaping.

The lip on the reservoir section makes it easy to pour the excess liquid back into the bottle.

Excess liquid passes down into the middle section which has a lip. The lip allows you to pour the liquid back into the bottle to either reuse straight away, or keep for another time.

Top Tip: The bottle can become quite full of bubbles which can make it difficult to pour the excess in immediately. We get past this by having a second small bottle to put onto the machine and keep the party going. In addition, we have a large bottle of Gazzilion Bubble liquid, into which we pour the excess.

Once you press the start button you are treated to a veritable explosion of bubbles, shooting into the air like a volcano of soapy spheres. You do not have to tend to the machine while it is in use until you hit the 15-minute mark. This is usually the point at which the bubbles begin to slow and you will have to either refill or recycle, depending on your preference.

Some bubble machines I have used in the past have promised thousands of bubbles and delivered a sad trickle. While I was unable to confirm by direct bubble count that Gazillion Bubbles Rush provides “thousands” of bubbles, our little ones were able to assure me that there was more than a gazillion, and that seems fairly accurate.

Gazillion Bubble Rush: The Final Word

While not perfect, the gazillion bubble rush is an excellent choice if you want to keep the kid’s bubble busy without the mess.

It is sturdy enough to withstand boisterous play and clumsy moms, easy to use, and above all fun. I’d be happy to recommend it to anyone who wants a rush of bubbles of their own.