@DKCanada Pocket Genius books. Dinosaurs, Animals, Cars, and Rocks & Minerals are fanned out on a tabletop

@DKCanada Pocket Genius – Bite-Sized facts in the palm of your hand #review

When you’re a child, there’s something extra special about small things. Perhaps it’s the novelty factor, or maybe it’s because they fit so comfortably in your little hands. Either way, small is exceptional in our home, and the kiddos were very excited when Dorling Kindersley sent us four of their @DKCanada Pocket Genius guides to check out.

Evey went for the copy of “Rocks & Minerals” straight away. She is fascinated by crystals and gemstones, so it was no surprise to hear she wanted this for her “Crystal Kit” – the backpack in which she carries around a small rock hammer, some soft paintbrushes, gloves, goggles, and Ziploc bags. The pocket genius is perfect for this kit – small, lightweight, and succinctly informative.

The book begins with short sections about ‘Our rocky planet,’ ‘What are rocks?’ and ‘What are minerals?’ then splits into two chapters – Rocks and Minerals, finishing off with the periodic table, a facts section, and a glossary.

Looking at the book together, we learned about metamorphic rocks, meteorites, oxides, carbonates, and silicates, and Evey can now tell you all about “The Wave,” a beautiful sandstone formation in Arizona.

Gabriel, of course, being the dinosaur and dinotrux fan he is, pounced on the @DKCanada Pocket Genius Dinosaurs book. He rushed to share it with his favourite dinosaurs straight away.

Of course, every ankylosaurus fan will check what is written about their favourite dinosaur first. Gabriel is no exception. The entry for each dinosaur has information about:

  • The dates each dinosaur lived.
  • Where their fossils are found.
  • Their hight, weight, and other bits of size information.
  • The habitats where they liked to roam.
  • Their diets, including what they did and did not like to eat.

There is also a colour illustration and a silhouette of the dinosaur next to a human outline to demonstrate size. There’s also a pronunciation guide – what else would a budding paleontologist need?

Of course, both of the kiddies liked the animals pocket genius, and here you can see why:

Finally, we have the pocket genius “Cars.” This book is choc-a-bloc full of interesting facts and valuable information. Cars includes familiar and unfamiliar vehicles from around the world, and as you can see, it is just as beautifully illustrated as the rest of the series.

Benefits Of Buying Your Kids Pocket-Sized Books 

Children love playing mobile games. Giving them books the size of phones is an excellent idea. They can easily read and discover facts while carrying @DKCanada Pocket Genius pocket-sized books. 

Here are the benefits of buying your children pocket-sized books: 

  • Fun Learning: Pocket-sized books are fun for learning. They provide quick facts and colorful images that children look for in books. You can eliminate boredom while studying with the help of pocket-sized fact books.
  • Easy To Carry Anywhere: Learning can happen anywhere. Investing in pocket books for kids is a good idea. Your little one can bring them inside the car or to the park. He can read them anywhere and anytime he wants. 
  • Portable Reference: Pocket books for kids make learning easy. Your children can bring them to excursions and refer to them during the trip. It’s always good to validate what they see in the outside world from their books and vice versa. 

@DKCanada Pocket Genius: Takeaway 

This pocket book brand for kids is a worthy investment for parents. Children will learn a lot from these books, making learning fun, easy, and memorable. Meanwhile, with Pocket Genius, parents can turn any moment into a teaching moment. After all, learning doesn’t stop where the classroom wall ends. 


  1. Oh I love the fact that you can carry around these in the pocket. My son would love this. We homeschool too and this is an awesome idea!

  2. These are awesome! My son would have gone for the dinosaurs, too. I liked to keep books like this in the car for road trips.

  3. Great little books, I love the dinosaur book, I know my grandboys would enjoy these also.