There is something fascinating about tiny toys. I don’t know what it is but every child I know, and quite a few of the adults too, love to see ittiy bitty replicas of everyday items and the little kids and big kids in our house are no exception to this. In fact, this is just a part of my husband’s collection of 1:87 scale models which the children are definitely not allowed to play with.

Which is why we were delighted to review Tonka Tinys and the Rescue Response Station Playset. Not only do you get Tonka toys, which have always been fabulous but you get teeny Tonka toys that can be lifted, carried and enjoyed all around the house and garden, even in the smaller spaces. This prevents Gabriel from trying to sneak into his dad’s toys precision engineered collectible miniatures and lets him feel like he is having just as much fun as dad does.


The play-set has three exciting levels on which to drive and store your rescue vehicles, not to mention the helipad, the giant gravity ramp and the cinder block wall you can crash through. These additional elements give the Rescue Response Station Playset a great deal in the way of play value, and Gabriel especially enjoyed launching vehicles down the gravity ramp on the side and watching them fly through the air.

If you already have any of the Tonka Tiny play sets or toys then rejoice, because they are all compatible. If your kids are like mine you can be launching Tonk Tinys from the construction range to the urban vehicles off of the Rescue Set and I can vouch for the fact that the dumper trucks fly just as far as the fire engines and police vehicles.

The Rescue Response Station Play Set comes with three vehicles so you do not have to worry about getting anything to go with the set but if you want to I recommend getting your hands on some of the Tonka Tinys 3 packs because they are a fabulous stocking filler.

The vehicles themselves are very cleverly made. They have enough detail to make them enjoyable, realistic and not feel like a baby toy but they do not have any tiny ladders, mirrors or other bits and pieces hanging off of them and just waiting to be snapped off.

The Tonka Tiny Rescue Response Station Playset would may a fantastic gift for any child that enjoys vehicle or emergency services play. The fact that you can buy multiple vehicle sets and other themed playsets just adds to the appeal.

This tiny’s toy would be a giant hit under any tree this Christmas.

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  1. My 4 year old daughter would love this. She says that she wants to fix cars when she grows up, so any toys that involve cars / trucks is her favorite. This looks like so much fun!!!

  2. My nephew would be in heaven! He loves firetrucks. My 6yr old niece asked for a construction, “xkavater”. Too funny, so she is getting a hot wheels excavator truck.

  3. Tonka is certainly a trusted name brand in the world of toys. My eight year old Son would love to own the tiny cars!

  4. My daughters would both definitely be into that! They love cars..especially my oldest and anything with ramps to drive the cars up and down, they are all for it

  5. My youngest son would absolutely love this, he’s already a fan of tonka trucks. This just might make it under our tree, thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Tonka was making toys when I was a kid…a long time ago! They’re the kind of toys that make great memories.

  7. My son loved playing with his Tonkas for years. He would have a group of friends and they all had their own trucking and construction jobs. Wish I would have filmed them.