Our daughter is a big fan of ‘Ever After High.’ The story is about the teenage children of your favorite fairy tale characters and the experiences of those teens as they either accept or reject their destinies as written in their fairy tales. When Netflix sent us a viewing party package Evey didn’t need asking twice – she had me party planning straight away!

This is how our welcome table looked, complete with a ‘throne’ where you could sit to have your photo taken when you had dressed up.

We had speech & thought bubbles to fill in and pose with:

Funky note pads & pens to write down our thoughts on the program.

Crowns, necklaces, bracelets rings and earrings to adorn ourselves with…….

And bookmarks, locker notes and much much more to cut out and create.

I added lots of tulle, ribbons, stick on jewels and fabric for us all to make our own dress-up clothes and clothes for the wonderful Ever After High dolls that were included.

After we had made our bookmarks and dressed-up, we made some clothes for the dolls. Using no sew tutus, stick on jewels and ribbons we each made a new outfit for the dolls like this:

Then it was time to sit down and watch Ever After High – Spring Unsprung, and this is what our little reviewers thought (these are all their own words – I have just tidied up the more creative spelling!)

“The story is exciting, and the girls are pretty and funny, and I like it a lot.”

“I liked that it was in Wonderland a lot.”

“The clothes are all really pretty, and the royals and rebels are good.”

“It is fun to watch, and I want to watch more so I can find out about the book.”

“We should watch it again and again because it was good to watch.”

“The rebels are the best.They don’t want to do what the stories tell them they have to.”

“The royals are better than the rebels because they don’t want to change the stories.”

“I can’t wait for more of Ever After High. It is fun to see it.”

After watching the show we had lots of tasty treats – most of which I found on Pinterest, and you can see them here:

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Why not host your own Ever After High viewing party? Feel free to steal our ideas and come back here to share your pictures.

I am a member of the Netflix ‘Streamteam, ‘ and as such may receive various benefits from Netflix, however, I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own (except those expressed by the kids – those opinions are theirs!)


  1. These look like the monster high dolls all my dds frinds have right now. Im thinking I might get Netflix so Casey can watch this and some of the other shows you have talked about

  2. Looks fun! I’ve been stuck in a boys world full of legos, tranformers, hotwheels, and minecraft, for the last 15 or so years…..all this new girly stuff is like a whole new world lol

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