Quoco Now is the subscription box for the chef, aspiring chef, the person who can just about make a meal, or the complete nightmare in the kitchen in your life. If you know someone who cooks then Quoco Now is something they will appreciate.

We were sent Quoco Nows’ Baking Box for review, and this is the third box in the series if you choose to sign up for a subscription.

What Do You Get In The Box?

First of all, I really like the fact that you receive your items in a neat take-out style box that is safely enclosed in a good quality, sturdy, outer box for shipping. This is important to me because, if I was sending this to someone else I could be confident that everything will arrive in excellent condition.

Upon opening the Quoco Now box the first thing you find is a sheet telling you about all of the items enclosed and giving you background information alongside some useful hints and tips on how to use them.

Most of the items within the box were individually wrapped except the silicone cupcake cups and the baking mat.

Now onto the most important thing – the items themselves. First out of the box for me was the whisk and I loved the fact that the balloon of the whisk itself is silicone and multicolored at that. The silicone made the whisk much easier to clean, lighter to use and, oh joy; it didn’t make that horrible clanking sound when it hit the side of our glass bowl the way a stainless steel whisk does. This might not be important to most people but in a household packed full of autism, where our son likes to help cook but has issues with certain sounds this is the whisk that will enable him to mix up those eggs himself.

Next out were the tongs and the spatula. There isn’t a lot I can say about the spatula because I already have some silicone ones in different sizes, end shapes, and colors, but I must say you can never have too many, so I was happy to receive another.

The tongs are another matter. I had never noticed before how unwieldy and awkward my other pairs of tongs were until I received this smaller pair. They are much more comfortable to use than the bigger pairs I have and the strip of silicone along the outside of the ‘handle’ give them a great feel in the hand. I will be sourcing more pairs of these.

Next out were the measuring spoons, although perhaps they shouldn’t be called that as they are not a traditional spoon shape. Instead, these measuring spoons are a rectangular shape with slightly rounded corners. This makes the scoops much more useful when you measure out from a flat-bottomed container, and it also makes them perfect for use in spice tins. I didn’t realize I needed them until Quoco Now delivered them to my door!

Then there came them collapsible measuring cups, and everything you need to know is in the name. They are measuring cups and they are collapsible. Say goodbye to the days of your measuring cups taking up a disproportionate amount of space and say hello to these funky, brightly colored, silicone cups that do the same job but don’t clutter up your kitchen.

The only reservation I had about these measuring cups was how easy they were to wash and dry. I had some concerns that I might end up with some gunky residue in the folds. This fear was entirely unfounded. Having used them for flour, powdered sugar, brown sugar, and cream I can tell you the cups happily go through the dishwasher and come out completely clean and dry. Score.

Then, there were the cupcake cases which, like their measuring cup cousins, go through the dishwasher. The only word of caution on that point is to make sure you put them in the cutlery basket and don’t put them loose on the top rack of the dishwasher. If you put them on the top shelf, you’ll open up the dishwasher and find they have flown around during the wash and you have to un-wedge them from the mechanism on the bottom.

Having said that, the cases were still in perfect condition, and the only thing I didn’t like about the cases in the Quoco Now box was that there were only six of them! We have five kids, and I am going to have to go out and buy at least two dozen of these to keep everyone happy.

The silicone baking mat is something I have never considered buying, but now I have it I could never give it away. It is perfect for cookies, scones, Danish pastries and anything else you would have to grease the tray up for before you begin.

Just to show you that Quoco Now really do hold the personal touch close to their heart, here is the handwritten note that accompanied the box.

Would We Recommend Quoco Now?

Quoco boxes are about “clean and simple” and “space saving.” So, if you’re sharing an apartment, just moved into your starter home, or just super organized, they won’t clutter your kitchen counters or drawers with items you’ll use once and forget about them.

As someone who loves to cook, I would be ecstatic to receive a Quoco Now box, although I would be more happy to have someone buy me a subscription so I could enjoy the excitement every month.

I would also love to give the Quoco Now box to our daughter and son-in-law who have just moved into their own place, to either of our sons who are still at home but need to learn to cook before they move out (no underlying message there boys, hint hint), or even to our little ones because this baking box knocks kids baking sets out of the ballpark.

How Much Does It Cost & How Do I Get It?

Subscription Boxes

Month to Month payment $39

3 Months prepayment of $111 saves $6

12 Months prepayment of $430 saves $38

One Off Gift Boxes

Basic Box – $19.99 Each box contains a great selection of the items that are offered in the 3 Month Subscription Box to help you start building your cooking toolkit.

Valentines Day Box – $25

Gift Box – $39 Every day is Gift Day at Quoco Now! A Unique Gift Idea for the at-home aspiring chef on your gift list. Ideal for engagements, wedding showers, housewarming, first apartment for a college student, or just for that very special occasion.

Happy Holidays – $50 We’re always cooking up great holiday gifts for the aspiring chef

Thank You – $100 Thanks for everything you do

From The Quoco Now Website

My name is Kelsey, and I created Quoco Now to motivate aspiring at-home cooks to get into the kitchen with a toolkit of innovative, useful, fun utensils that we always test before we decide to include them in a Quoco box. If you share my interest in cooking, you will want to subscribe today!

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