If you have a horse and/or pony fan in your home, you will know the particular kind of devotion/total madness they reserve for their equine friends. Horse lovers do not need to actually ride or own a steed in order to cover everything they own in ponies, although that is always number one on the list of dreams of course. Our household has one such hippophile in our midst, and it was with Evey in mind that we asked Pony Xpress if they would sen us one of their fabulous Horseboxes.

Usually, I would put items for review to one side in a particular spot in my office so I can take photographs in the natural afternoon light and arrange things so you can all get the best possible look at the items I am reviewing. Unfortunately, the Pony Xpress Club box is printed in beautiful colors, clearly stating where it is from, complete with cute horses around the outside and I was not the person who answered the door to our long-suffering mail carrier Lianne.

As a consequence, Evey committed the cardinal sin of ripping open a box without permission, something for which she would typically be in big trouble. However, the look on her face as she shared her goodies with me was so priceless; I couldn’t bring myself to be angry with her.

So what was inside the box to cause so much delight that big stern momma was able to overlook Evey’s naughty moment?

What’s In The Box?

First of all, the packaging inside the box is thoughtfully chosen. The burlap style ribbon over the straw like paper packaging is reminiscent of being in a stable, so you are ‘in the zone’ as soon as you fold back the cardboard. Nestled within the packaging was a delightful variety of surprises, guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your horse lover.

We received a Disney DVD “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”, and the first book in the “Phantom Stallion” series – The Wild One. We loved that the box had a DVD and a book so Evey could practice her reading using subject matter she likes and when mom has had enough horses for one day Evey can settle down and watch a movie while mom writes.

As well as these two items there was an American Girl “Oodles of Horses” activity book that is packed full of templates for drawing your own horses, puzzles, stories, and posters to name just a few. This was a perfect match for the oh so cute candy corn Unicron pencil case which Evey filled with pencils straight away, and Evey’s grown sister tried to steal to use as a fabulous quirky clutch! Above is one of the many, many horse pictures Evey has drawn using her templates from the book.

Talking of items that were fought over by our 9-year-old and our 29-year-old, the unicorn headband is not only beautiful but well made enough to stand up to a mini tug of war. You will be glad to know Evey won and some nights I have to slide it off of her head after she has fallen asleep.

The Breyer Spirit Riding Free, paint kit could have been made just for Evey. The packages came with an unpainted horse, a paintbrush and paints so you need nothing else from around the house before your mini artist can create the horse of their dreams. The finished horse takes pride of place alongside the horse from the Brayers Mini Whinnies (I love that name) blind bag.

Rounding out the box was the pair of riding socks for Tuffrider, which Evey would wear until they were stinky enough to walk to the washbin themselves if we let her and a bag of freeze dried apple snacks that were d-lich-ous.

Would We Recommend Pony Xpress Club?

I didn’t need to ask Evey what she thought, the grin on her face was as clear an indication as you could ever want, that she was absolutely in love with this box. We have let her grandparents know that if they ‘re going to send the perfect Christmas gift, either a one-off box or a subscription to Pony Xpress would be the ideal present.

Where Do You Get Your Own Pony Xpress Club Box?

Just trot on over to Pony Xpress Club and choose the size and number of boxes you would like. You can choose from a single box or a subscription, and there are discounts available for three, six, and twelve-month plans.

The boxes come in two sizes:

Horse Size : $59:95

A carefully curated selection of 5-8 horsey items such as books, arts & crafts kits, snacks, accessories, toys, and more! Each month a new set of surprises, with a minimum retail value of $65+

Pony Size : $39:95

Just like our Horse Sized box, but contains 3-5 horsey items such as books, arts & crafts kits, snacks, accessories, toys, and more! Each month a new set of surprises, with a minimum retail value of $45+

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