Leappad Platinum TitleThere are plenty of tablets on the market that are aimed at children. From devices that look like functioning tablets but are nothing more than plastic boxes with squeaky buttons to full-on tablets that have all the functions of any other and allow you, kids, to roam the internet – none of them have been quite right for us – until now & the LeapPad Platinum.

We were excited to be sent a LeapPad Platinum to review. We had bought the two little ones, LeapPad Explorers, last year (with our Airmiles points!) and they were a big hit. Games like Pet Pals were exactly the kind of game Evey loves, and she wasn’t keen to use the LeapPad until she found out about a certain feature that is a  huge bonus – the LeapPad Platinum accepts leap-pad explorer cartridges. We have some explorer game cartridges, and we’re glad we can still play them all, and now we can play them on a 7-inch screen. However, you are not limited to games cartridges, there are over 1000 games available, and most can be downloaded from LeapFrogs app store.

But I digress! The LeapPad Platinum allows you to set up profiles for some different children and has a guest option – so no more complaining from Evey that her brother Gabriel has used up all of her lives in a game.

Platinum Welcome screen

Then, within each profile there is the facility to personalise – as you can see below, Evey has personalised her screen by taking a picture of her bedspread & setting it as wallpaper.


One of my favourite features is the Kid Safe Wi-Fi – The Leappad utilises’ LeapSearch’ a proprietary web browser that lets kids explore in safety, with access to only pre-screened and kid-appropriate web content and videos. Now I don’t have to make the kids sit next to me if they watch videos – no danger of them discovering more than they should on You Tube.

Other excellent features include:

  • Parent Password protected area where you can set time limits & customise the tablet to a particular age range
  • A quad core processor for super fast fun
  • Wrap around bumper to stand up to all the falls your child can throw at it
  • Shatter safe screen – if it does break it won’t shatter into tiny sharp shards
  • 7 inch, high-resolution screen
  • The tablet stylus is mounted in the centre so it suits lefties like Gabe and the cord is a great length.
  •  “Just for Me” learning technology: This exclusive Leapfrog technology personalizes select games up to 10 ways – from remembering curricular progress across games to hint button tutorials, receiving immediate feedback on answers and automatically adjusting learning levels.
I have, however, saved the best until last – the Imagicards. Imagicards come in a tin with a playmat and suggestions for off line play. You can take the tin anywhere – it’s a bit bigger than the size of a pack of playing cards – and play any number of educational games.
TMNT Imagicards & playmat
But when you pair your cards with the LeapPad Platinum you discover a whole new experience. Each pack comes with a code that enables you to download the corresponding game to your LeapPad. When you are playing the game, choose a character card and use the LeapPad’s built-in camera to scan it & suddenly the character ‘leaps’ onto the screen and begins to play with you!
Evey wants to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at every opportunity, and Gabe adores Paw Patrol, and the great thing is, when their time on the LeapPad is up, they have the card games to play. I got up the other morning, and Gabe was in the front room with the Paw Patrol cards laid out, practicing his math – Not many toys have that effect!

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LeapFrog is a leader in education innovation. We create award-winning learning toys, interactive book and map experiences, reading systems, educational gaming handhelds and learning tablets that are age-appropriate. Our products combine robust technology, curriculum, and popular characters to create engaging experiences that make play and learning even more fun. Many of our products connect to the Internet for enhanced learning with additional interactive experiences. Those connections also empower parents with personalized insights and recommendations, helping them see and share in their child’s learning progress through our groundbreaking LeapFrog Learning Path.


  1. Me and my husband thought about getting a tablet for our daughter but didnt no wich one to try. Now ive read youre review we are going to buy her this one for Christmas.We both think the cards are just great.