Kiss NaturalsWhen the owners of a company test all of their products on their children, you can be pretty confident that you are getting a product that is safe for your family. This is what you get when you buy Kiss Naturals, confidence that you are getting high-quality natural ingredients and a product that you can give to your child without worry.

When we were asked to try out some of the Kiss Naturals products we had a big problem – deciding which ones to choose because they all looked great. There are seven different kits; Bath Fizzie, Face Paint, Hair Chalk, Lava Lip Gloss, Lip Balm, Moisturizer, and Soap all of which come in either big kit or mini kit formats. In the end, we chose a large Face Paint kit and the mini Lip Balm & Hair Chalk kits.

I had hardly opened up the box they arrived in when Evey started asking to make them. Her only problem was which one of the Kiss Naturals kits to open first. After much deliberation, we decided to try out the hair chalk first. Evey has a hair chalk Barbie and thought she would like to make some hair chalk of her own.

Our Experience with Kiss Naturals

We found the hair chalk kit very easy to use. The instructions were simple and very easy to follow – I was just an overseer, and Evey took the lead. Everything you need to make the chalk was included in the box – none of that annoying running out to the store for a vital but not included ingredient.

The finished product was on a par with the hair chalk Evey received with her Barbie – the only hair chalk I have to measure it against. The color and consistency were just right, and very importantly it washed out again quickly. Between application and washing out the chalk did not flake out all over the floor or stain any of the clothes, it came into contact with (hooray!).

I am not a fan of hair chalk but Evey enjoyed herself with the kit, and it was a fun activity to do together on a cold and rainy winter afternoon. The hair chalk kit we had was the mini kit, and there were plenty of ingredients to make some batches of chalk.  I look forward to cracking open the face paint and the lip balm, later this week although once we open the face paints my questionable artistic abilities will be called into play. Last time I used face paint on one of the kids I was the only one who knew it was supposed to be a fairy – everyone else thought that Evey was a zombie…..

Where to buy Kiss Naturals

You can buy Kiss Naturals direct from their website from Amazon from Toys ‘R’ Us and in many toy stores. Prices range from $9.95 for the soap mini kits to $12.95 for the mini Hair Chalk kits and from $14.95 for the big Glycerine soap kits up to $24.95 for the large Face Paint Kits.