Summer vacation is almost over. Before school starts back up, it’s important to enjoy as much time together having fun as you can. You may feel even stronger about spending summer days together if you’re one of the divorced parents who only see their children 88 days out of the year. Even with the pandemic closing many venues, there are many amazing adventures you can have before the school year starts. Here are fun things to do outdoors with your family in August.

Backyard Water Fun

August is typically one of the hotter months of the year. Many parents rely on going to the beach to help everyone cool off and have a great time. However, it may be difficult to find an open beach due to health concerns with the pandemic. With the ones that are open, it may be difficult to find a good parking spot. Many drivers can spend about 17 hours each year on average trying to find a good parking spot.

You can still have water fun outdoors and avoid the sickness of the COVID-19 virus or catching the flu at the same time by having some backyard water fun. Haul out the lawn sprinkler or set up the kiddie pool. Have a blast with water guns or water balloons. Not only will you feel refreshed, but you’ll create fun memories that will last a lifetime.

Create Your Own Summer Camp

Have fun while parenting and teach your kids real-life skills outdoors by creating your own summer camp. You can include physical activities such as daily workouts by bike riding, going for a walk, or having a family dance party together. Stimulate their imagination with Lego building and board games. Go on a scavenger hunt throughout your neighborhood.

Find some fun science projects online you can do together. Show your kids how to create some culinary delights and have a family picnic. Dive into some arts and crafts using some paint, which can last you up to five years if stored properly. Make some musical instruments and have a concert or get out of old costumes and dress clothes. Make some fun skits or create some family outdoor dance videos.

Plant Flowers

Growing a flower garden can be a great way to spend time together as a family outdoors. You can plant flowers and herbs in your backyard which are attractive to birds. You can turn your yard into a wildlife habitat and keep track of the various types of birds that come to visit. Plus, your children will learn valuable skills in taking care of the environment. You can make crafts with the flowers once they grow by turning them into pressed pictures using wax paper.

You can get some great deals during the off-seasons on flowers. Approximately 50% of sales at flower shops are associated with non-calendar events. The flower shop professionals can show you the best deals so you can enjoy the flowers throughout the fall months as well as August.

Explore Local Sites

There are numerous sites in your local area to explore that the whole family can enjoy while spending time outdoors. You can visit a farm or take a road trip to explore a nearby city you haven’t visited before. Check out local museums. Many communities offer family-friendly activities all month long that are free or low-cost.

Go Geocaching

Geocaching is an excellent way to explore the outdoors, have fun, and get plenty of exercises. This is an outdoor treasure hunt where people around the world hide items in unique locations for others to find. You can even trade items with other members or leave your own cache treasures. Items left behind are typically small items such as coins, baseball cards, action figures, and marbles. You use your GPS on your phone to find these treasures.

Each cache has hints for you to decode as well as other information such as the terrain and difficulty level. You might find a cache in a park or near a historical monument. There is no cost to participate. Geocaching gives kids the opportunity to explore the world around them, learn something new, and get rewards.

Build a Backyard Campfire

Enjoy your summer nights in August by building a backyard campfire outdoors. You can show your children how to safely build a fire or how to pitch a night if you want to spend the night outside. Toasting smores is always a fun treat for everyone. Entertain each other by sharing scary stories or telling silly jokes. You can sing a few songs or play games.

You can gaze for hours at the stars and learn about all the different constellations. Snuggle up with a flashlight and read some bedtime stories. This can be a great way to introduce children to the idea of camping and help them get used to it.

Play Outdoor Games

There are plenty of games your family can play outdoors. You can play catch, throw around a Frisbee, or engage in a family football game in the backyard. Introduce your children to games you played as a kid such as hopscotch, dodgeball, and capture the flag. Kick around a soccer ball or show your child how to swing a baseball bat. You can also head to the beach for a competitive game of volleyball.

There are also plenty of outdoor games you can buy or make yourself. Lawn games such as cornhole, horseshoes, twister, and tetherball are always favorites. You can build a backyard obstacle course with items around your house. The possibilities are endless. Your family is bound to have a blast competing against one another.

Summer may almost be over, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy some fantastic family activities together outdoors. These ideas are just the beginning of all the things you can do to bond with one another. Use these ideas to create your end-of-summer bucket list and make some great memories this August.