Dogs and humans have completely different perspectives on the leash.

For humans, the leash symbolizes a fun activity and a walk with their puppy. However, for pets, it is nothing more than a restriction preventing them from running around. Keep in mind that no matter how long a dog lives in a house (or apartment) it is still an animal that requires nature. Nothing can change this fact. They want to run wild with other dogs and enjoy green grass.

Because of that, leash training comes as a bit of burden for dogs. The leash is not only restrictive but also a sign of domination. It also doesn’t go well with their natural persona. As such, their owners have to pay extra attention to teaching them how to walk on a leash. Having an unruly dog can pose a problem both for a dog as well as others in its vicinity.

This is why I’ve created this article. Check out these excellent tips that will help you teach a dog to walk on a leash.

Having the proper attitude

In a way, every dog training is in fact mentoring. You need to create good habits in a puppy and to teach it how to behave in certain situations. But to do that, you need to start from yourself. Everything begins with discipline. If you’re able to instill good habits in a dog, everything will be easier. In fact, if a dog has already have had several pieces of training beforehand, with each next one things will get much more relaxed. You need to take charge from the get-go. Puppy needs to understand that you’re in charge. It is something that will help a lot going forward.

Don’t punish a dog

Different pets have different levels of intelligence as well as different characters. There is no point getting frustrated and punishing a dog in any way. Mistakes will be made along the way, and all you have to do is role with it. Physical or verbal punishment can have a seriously negative impact on your relationship and can even damage a dog in the long run. That doesn’t mean you should be lenient; make sure how you go about things.

Practice at home

Home practice is essential when it comes to leash training. As previously mentioned, you cannot allow your dog to go ballistic once you step outside. Practicing makes it easier for a puppy to get used to harness. It will feel unnatural at first and dog may start tripping you. This is why you need to make circles around the house and teach a pet how to walk together with you.

Be relaxed

No matter what you do, most dogs go crazy when they’re outside. There is very little you can do about it except being relaxed yourself. Keep in mind that puppies absorb lots of our energy and behavior. If you’re getting excited about something, there is a good chance puppy will get as well. Avoid petting a dog or doing anything else to make it elated.

Recognize the situation

During a walk, you have to be in control. If a dog starts pulling too hard, you need to make a break and stop for a second. You might even go in the opposite direction to confuse a dog: there is no point in running towards something if you’re simply going to turn around and go back. Additionally, you need to recognize situations where puppy is likely to lunge. This can be potentially dangerous as it can startle passerby and other dogs. If you notice that a dog is preparing to jump, find a way to prevent it. Call it quickly or do something else that will attract its attention.

With these simple tips, you’re ready for the next walk.

No matter what, always be patient with a puppy. They need time to develop and learn new things, and only with a gentle owner, they can do it properly.