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Keeping your kids healthy is your job as a parent. Your job is to put a roof over their head, feed them, clothe them and ensure that they are safe and well. Ensuring that they are healthy can be a hard task, though, especially if they eat out of the house a lot as they get older. They may go over to their friend’s house, eat at school or whatever else, but you still need to do your best. There is so much to the health of your child, and you need to make sure that you are catering to that. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the things that you should be doing here, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.

Get Them Outside

The first thing on the list is that you need to get them outside. Whether they want to go outside or not, they need fresh air. Your kids should be spending time outside every day or nearly every day. There is no reason for them to be stuck in their room all of the time, playing whatever video game they play or on the phone constantly. Make sure that they are seeing their friends and that they are going outside, even if it’s just to take a walk, so that they are not cramped. As humans, we do well in the outside world, so it’s important to get out there.

Watch What They Are Eating

You should also watch what they are eating as much as you can. We’re not saying that you need to police their diet, stop them from eating all their favourite Canadian chips and snacks, and weigh out their food, but you want to ensure that they are eating a balanced diet as much as possible. This is going to include fruits, vegetables, some kind of protein, carbs, healthy fats and so on. 

The best way to do this is to ensure that you eat one meal together per day at the very least. This way, you know that they will have one balanced meal in their day, and you can spend time with them.

Check On Their Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health, so you have got to keep an eye on this as well. Within your family, you want to create a judgment-free space where people can talk about their feelings. It’s important that your kids feel that they can do this in their own home, and it will teach them how to be emotionally mature and work things out in the future. Speak to them about how their day is about how they are feeling, and if you notice anything concerning, get help.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and now see some of the things that you should be doing to ensure that you are keeping your kids healthy. This is one of the most important jobs that you will have in your life, but it doesn’t mean that you need to police everything they do, okay? Find a balance.