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Organizing the home office is a perennial challenge, but over the years, people have innovated. These days, you don’t actually have to come up with anything totally original yourself: other people have done practically all of it for you. 

In this post, we take a look at some makeshift additions for your home office. Don’t worry: you’ll love them. 

Clothespin Filing Systems

Imagine if all you needed to organize your home office was a few clothespins and pocket folders? Well, that’s precisely the idea behind this concept. All you need are a few pegs and some attractive stationery, and that’s it. 

People generally do this in a color-coded manner, choosing a different color for each day of the week or month of the year. You can code it in whatever way you like – just remember to create a key if you do anything complicated. 

Decoupage Storage Box

Who says storage boxes have to be bland? With decoupage, you can make them stunning. The idea is pretty simple: just cover the box in attractive images. You can either draw them on yourself or you can cut out pretty pictures from magazines (or anything else that you have lying around), and stick them on yourself. 

Button Thumbtacks

If you’ve got some unused buttons lying around in your drawers, you could try turning them into attractive thumbtacks. 

Again, doing this is simple. Go to a local office supplies store and find some double-sided tack. You should be able to find sheets that you cut up that have one side stickier than the other. Place the sticky side on the button and then use the less sticky side for affixing to your walls, noticeboard or anywhere else you can benefit from them. 

If you have magnetic strips and a metallic board, you can try affixing magnets instead. This way, you can use old buttons to hold up paper and other notices. 

Desk Organizers

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Whether you have a sitting or standing desk, organizers always come in handy. These are essentially little pots and boxes in which you can place all the items you need to keep close to hand.

Naturally, you can get these ready-made. But you can also decorate your own. For instance, if you have some glass bowls, stick some shiny, metallic sticky tape to them. If it’s a wooden box, perhaps paint a word that means something special to you on it. 

Mason Jar Pencil Holders

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with pens and pencils? If so, you could try storing them in mason jars. Their wide necks permit you to store multiple pencils all at once, while making it attractive at the same time. 

Clear mason glasses won’t look so great, so grab some acrylic paint and cover the exterior in a pattern of your choice. You’ll end up with something that looks stunning. 

Making makeshift additions to your office is surprisingly easy and you probably have most of the materials to do it already. Which of these ideas are you going to try?