Sometimes space in a home is limited, which, in turn, can leave you struggling to find places to store your stuff. This is not helpful if you have a smaller home or have many people staying in it. In addition, modern homes are sometimes a lot smaller inside than traditional older ones, making storage even more of a challenge. Fortunately, there are many innovative and creative storage solutions you can use to create an organized system, whether they are bulky items that you do not use very often or smaller items that can be stored in a subtly unique way. Below are some of these suggestions.

Garage Space

If you are lucky enough to own a house with a garage, this is one of the best opportunities to store things there. A garage is an excellent option for keeping your belongings organized, especially if you can park your vehicle on a driveway or are happy to park on the street. You can line the garage walls with shelving and pully systems for items like bikes or even use it as an overspill location for an extra fridge or freezer.


If you have exhausted all options at home, then self storage may be an option. There are many different self-storage units available all around the UK. You hire a space like a room with a locked door within a larger warehouse-type structure. The company then holds on to your items for a while.

There are many benefits to this, including the low cost, the accessibility when you want, and the protection of insurance (applicable in most cases). Some people will use these units more when moving home and need to stay in temporary accommodation for a short period. In terms of pricing, it will depend on the size of space you rent and the actual value of the items being placed in the area. To keep the price low, ensure you choose a space that is only as big as you need. Renting a larger unit will be a waste of money. 

Bedroom Storage

The bedroom has many different storage opportunities that some people take for granted. Think about under the bed. This wasted space is the ideal location for storage containers such as hard-sided boxes with lids or vacuum seal bags. n addition, on top of the wardrobe, is another opportunity. People often leave this space clear, whereas there is an option to either place items up there directly or inside decorative storage boxes.


It is essential to think about the items you have and whether you even want to keep them in the first place. You may want to hold onto things, but this could be at the expense of much-needed in-home storage. Therefore, storage units are a fantastic option for items you want to keep but do not require access to or use of frequently.