Being a mom who homeschools can be a great and enriching experience. It can also come with its own unique stresses, so it is vital to find ways to make every stage of your day easier. The mornings can often be the most stressful as you get the kids up from bed and into the right mindset to learn.

The right mindset is just as vital for you as it is for your kids, so it is important to find ways to improve the morning experience for yourself. Getting up earlier than everyone else can be the ideal solution, as it gives you time to prepare the house and get some much-needed me-time before the duties of the day begin.

Me Time

Me-time can be hard to come by as a homeschooling mom, which is why the mornings can be such a crucial part of the day. You should consider getting up earlier than everyone in the house. This will give you time to prepare for the day, but also, crucially, time to yourself. When planning your morning, set aside time for you to do something just for you. This could be a bit of online retail therapy, reading a good book or soaking in the bathtub. What is important is that you get time for yourself to recharge and feel ready to face the day.

Brain Food

Brain food isn’t just for kids to aid their learning; adults need the right foods to help them teach as well. You should ensure that your morning meal is full of the vitamins, nutrients and healthy fats required to keep you energized throughout the day. A healthy, balanced breakfast should include plenty of fiber, fresh fruit and veg and whole foods. Options like eggs, muesli, oats, and porridge can be great for giving you the energy to keep up with the kids the whole day long.


Exercise is essential at any age, and the more you do, the more energy you will have. Starting the day with a workout can be the perfect choice for any busy parent, helping them stay fit and healthy. You could consider a short yoga workout or a fast-paced walk around the neighborhood each morning. This is part of the morning you could get the kids to join in with as well, helping them learn from a young age the importance of exercise and instilling a love of physical activity.

Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee is a necessity for many Americans, but it can often be a time-consuming process in the mornings. Cold brew can be an excellent option for busy moms, as it is one of the most low-effect and high-reward coffees out there. Cold brew is coffee that is brewed in cold or room temperature water over a few hours and up to 24 hours. It results in a delicious and unique flavor that is beloved across the world. You can find out how to make cold brew and specialty brews like vanilla bean cold brew from the experts over at Cup & Bean.


Meditation can be a great way to help relieve stress and can be an excellent start to any day. Many people wake up feeling stressed and anxious about the day ahead, and using meditation in your morning routine can ensure that you clear your head for the day coming.


When homeschooling, it may be tempting to throw on some comfy sweats or even remain in your pajamas. However, it is best to get dressed in a proper outfit for the day’s teaching to get you in the right mindset. This applies to you and your kids, as the right outfit can make a huge difference to your energy and productivity levels. You don’t have to wear office clothes, but ensuring that you’re wearing something you’d be happy going shopping in can be a great way to get yourself in the right mindset.

Early Bedtime

Waking up bright and early will only be an effective solution to preparing for your day if you get enough sleep. This means that a good bedtime is crucial for you as well as your kids. Adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night to be able to function at the best possible level. You should make sure that whenever you set your alarm, you calculate the right time you need to be in bed snoozing.


Homeschooling can be an incredible experience for kids and parents alike. It allows more time for bonding between parents and children and gives kids a truly unique educational experience. The morning routine can be vital for everyone, ensuring the day is productive. Mornings can be a crucial time for you to get some time to yourself and help ensure that you offer your kids the best possible education.