Whether your kiddos are fans of creepy crawlies, or you’re looking for a homeschool resource that’s suitable for a short block of time, our Insects facts book is just the thing.

This free download is a 10-page insect facts booklet that begins by looking at the different parts of an insects body. The first illustration is labeled and then the second has blank labels for completion.

Next, there are facts about the insect class and some images of common insects and then it is over to your kiddos to draw the habits around a grass-hopper on one page and a butterfly on another.

The insect facts booklet is rounded out with some pages for recording insects your child has seen and jotting down some of their thoughts about insects.

This resource is specifically designed to be a time filler that will be both enjoyable, and of educational value.

Insect Facts – Additional Learning Activities

  • Research each of the insects included in the booklet. Watch videos of those insects you may not see locally, or at this time of year. For local insects get outside and see if you can find some. What are they doing? How are they the same as other insects and how are they different?
  • Create a written and illustrated project around one or more of the insects mentioned in the insect facts booklet. This could be from a scientific perspective or it could be from more of an arts-based angle. For example, your child could write a poem or a story about one of the insects.
  • Use your imagination and “invent” an insect of your own. Record what the insect looks like, what it eats, where it lives, etc. Write, draw, or create a video about your imaginary insect.
  • Build an insect habitat. This could be a real habitat in which you keep some insects for observation for a short period or a model habitat of some kind populated by fake insects.
  • Discuss how insects contribute to the eco-system, their role in the food chain, in fertilization of crops, etc. Then ask your child to imagine a world without a particular insect, for example, bees. Where would we be without them? What would be different? What would we have to do if we did not have them?

Insect Facts – Your Free Download

Additional Resources We Love

You can also find some excellent free resources at about insects on DK Findout. They have the fabulous trademark images for which DK is famous along with close-up photos, insect sounds, and much much more.