If a tradition we want to maintain becomes more of a chore than a fun way of celebrating together, is it really worth maintaining at all? After all, traditions are supposed to connect our past, present, and future as well as to provide comfort and a sense of belonging. They are not supposed to be a source of stress, or opportunities to demonstrate one-upmanship. So it was with, admittedly, a slight suspicion, that I agreed to review Reindeer In Here.

Reindeer In Here was created by a father who wanted a Christmas tradition for his family that didn’t include creeping around the house at night setting up ever more complex tableaus with elves and props. So, instead of focussing on the creativity of parents, or in our home the lack of it, with Reindeer In Here the spotlight is wholly on your little one.

The Reindeer In Here “Backstory”

The premise of Reindeer In Here is simple. With so many children in the world, Santa has trouble keeping up with their likes, dislikes, and what makes each one special. The man in red needed a new way of knowing about each child to ensure their gift was right for them and one little reindeer cam up with an idea.

The reindeer suggested that Santa can send a reindeer to each kiddo and that reindeer will spend their time getting to know “their” child. Then each night while everyone is asleep the reindeer will let Santa know what is special about their little one, their likes, dislikes, hopes and fears, in fact, anything your “ickle” cares to share with their new furry friend.

So, at some time after Thanksgiving and before Christmas Eve, Santa sends your child a Reindeer In Here. This cuddly companion comes without a name or a gender so your little one can choose exactly who their reindeer is.

The other special aspect of Reindeer In Here is the positive #IamMe message it promotes. Children are encouraged to take a copy of the I Am Me sheet and list three things that make them different. The bottom of the sheet then tells your child that it is these differences that make them amazing. To drive the point home every Reindeer In Here has one antler that’s shorter than the other, making your child’s reindeer as unique as they are.

Then, Reindeer In Here spends time getting to know your child so they can tell Santa all about them. Finally, on Christmas Eve, you place your Reindeer-In-Here under the tree, or by your stocking and when Santa leaves a gift he also takes Reindeer In Here back to the North Pole for a rest and to spend time with their friends. But don’t worry, Santa will send your Reindeer In Here back to you in time for next Christmas.

What Did We Think Of Reindeer In Here?

Spoiler Alert – We love Reindeer In Here

If that’s all you need to know and you want to snap-up your own hooved hug buddy you can find Reindeer In Here on Amazon, at Bed Bath & Beyond, in the Reindeer in Here Shop or in one of over 1,500 independent retailers.

For those of you who would like to know more about our experience, read on.

Regular readers know two of our boys are autistic and that the youngest is functionally non-verbal. Basically that means he can use a few words that we as a family can understand, another few that anyone can understand and that’s it as far as speech goes. It’s called apraxia and basically speaking (pun not intended) Gabe understands in the same way any other child of his age does. He can also articulate in his head, so he knows what he wants to say, but somewhere between his brain and his mouth signals become crossed – hence he is functionally non-verbal.

Gab is aware of this and other differences so the #IAmMe aspect of Reindeer In Here really appealed to him. He was especially pleased to see that his Reindeer, which he named “Deer,” had a different antler, making it “different like me.”

Gabe has embraced his Deer since founding it under the tree, where Santa left it for Gabriel to discover the morning after we took the Christmas decorations out. We read the book together and Gabe was excited to learn that this Reindeer was here to find out all about him.

Since then Deer has:

  • Been to the store to buy grapes – Gabe’s favorite snack.
  • Eaten Rice Krispies for breakfast every morning, just like Gabriel does.
  • Watched The Mandalorian, several times and counted down the days to each new episode.
  • Slept with Gabriel, his six stuffy penguins, his BB-8, and Darth Vader – the ultimate honor for a toy of Gabes.
  • Been shown how to play Roblox and Minecraft.
  • Built Lego models
  • Played Playmobil Ghostbusters
  • Been introduced to the raccoons who visit our garden

In fact, everything Gabe has done since unpacking his new friend, Deer has done with him. He adores it.

Reindeer In Here is so much more than a children’s book, cuddly buddy, and a range of merchandise. It is a new Christmas tradition that not only reflects the diversity of the communities in which each child lives but also provides an experience that is as enjoyable as it is empowering.

If you are looking for a way to further enjoy the Christmas season you should absolutely pick up your very own Reindeer In Here, it’s something I can see us enjoying for many years to come, and who knows – when the time comes, maybe we’ll get to enjoy it with our grandkids.