I remember one Christmas as a child when I received a beautiful, wooden, cantilevered box that opened up to reveal art supplies. This gift was not just a fancy crayon set though. This beauty had pencils of various grades up and down the HB scale, oil pastels of glorious, previously unimagined pigments and watercolor pencils that I couldn’t wait to put to paper.

As the years past I, like many others, saw my enthusiasm for art overtaken by the need to take “sensible subjects” at school and by a lack accessibility to both art mediums and other peoples co pleated art. I still paint from time to time but it is something I consider a guilty pleasure, an unnecessary luxury squeezed in between the hustle and bustle of daily life and I certainly do not the time to explore new mediums.

Thankfully Smart Art have taken up the cause of me, and many similar would be art explorers and have created the Smart Art subscription box.


Each month a Smart Art box is delivered to your door and inside are a new art medium, all of the tools to work with the medium and a pamphlet that explains the contents and how to use them to create your own art project. Smart Aet curate the boxes in such a way that complete beginners have the chance to discover an art medium they might not typically discover, while those who have experience with the contents have the opportunity to expand and hone their skills.

What Did We Think Of Smart Art Box?

Admittedly, I am a little biased and was predisposed to like this box before it was even delivered. I waited for the postie like a child waiting for Santa and I couldn’t wait to rush into the house and discover what was inside. As soon as I opened the box before I had pulled back the tissue paper to reveal the contents, I knew it was pencils, just by the smell. Even better, I discovered the pencil set was from the UK and so were graded on the HB scale I grew up with and not the number scale often used on this side of the Atlantic.

The package was not just a simple drawing box, however. It also contained water-soluble sketching pencils, a fountain pen, and ink, a graphite brush, a set of erasers, and high-quality watercolor boards. Upon reading the leaflet, I discovered the suggested project was creating a pencil and ink painting, something I had never tried before.

Every item in the box was full size, Smart Art do not send you small sample packages, and each piece was clearly chosen with deliberation and care. I feel confident that my art project will be the best it can be because of the quality of the materials. Hopefully, this will make up for the fact my enthusiasm far outweighs my limited artistic abilities.

Do We Recommend Smart Art?

After I first opened the box and had gotten past the “oooohhhh art stuff!” excitement I thought of at least two people in our family who would also love the contents of the box. This doesn’t include our youngest daughter who, at nine years of age, may not appreciate the high quality of the material but, nonetheless, would love to get her hands on this.

I was then faced with a dilemma. I could regift the box to somebody I love who would be extremely happy to receive it or I could rather selfishly keep it for myself. Should I have the joy of using the materials to explore a new medium myself or the pleasure of giving them to a loved one I know would appreciate them?

For me, this is a clear indicator that Smart Art is a gift worth buying for a loved one or for yourself.

Where To Buy Smart Art Boxes

You can purchase a single Smart Art box for $49.95 and you can choose from the next available monthly box or one from a small stock of previous months boxes if you would like to try a particular medium. Past boxes do have a limited supply and some are already unavailable, so if you see something in particular you like, grab one before it is gone.

You also have the option of pre-paying for a three-month subscription for $142.05, a saving of $7 off of the regular price or you can pre-pay for six months at a cost of $269.95, a saving of $30.

To save an additional 10% off of your order, no matter what the size, order here

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  1. Thank you for sharing. My granddaughter would love this art set. She is 11 and has been into drawing for several years.