If you or someone you know are a big fan of chocolate and candies then the Candy Box Russia box is just the thing for you. Delivered straight to your door, via free shipping, each box is packed full of a varied selection of chocolate bars and candies direct from the factory. in fact, this collection is probably fresher than the goodies you buy at your local store.

What’s In The Box?

We were sent a medium candy box for review and the postie was at the door with our package in a surprisingly short time. The Candy Box Russia website says the box is sent out immediately and should arrive within 2- 3 weeks but ours was much faster than even, even though it was standard shipping. So worry not, you don’t have to wait long to discover what the candy lovers of Russia enjoy.

The box itself was good and sturdy. It came in an outer wrapper with our address details on and within that was the shipping container.

First impressions were good. The box was packed full and a QR code on the lid provided us with information about the contents. The one addition I would have liked to have seen was maybe a sheet of paper listing the item and translating what they were.
Not knowing exactly what they were eating was a real adventure for the kids though. They were cutting the chocolate bars into pieces and playing “guess the flavor”.

Closer inspection of the contents of the box revealed this little lady. She is a super cute Russian doll fridge magnet and she was quickly given a spot in our kitchen.

You can’t necessarily tell from the photo but she is carefully hand painted, right down to the tiny little ladybug on her belly.

These were the first three out of the box. The little fella on the bottom looks like it would be similar to a kit-kat but it was nothing like one. It was, however, very tasty and we were all disapointed it wasn’t family size!
The banana bar in the middle was not my favorite but that is just down to personal preference and the fact I am not a big fan of banana flavored items. The kids were happy I wasn’t keen because it meant more for them.
Now, this big fella on the left was delicious. So good that I told the kids it was all gone and hid the rest in the cupboard so I could eat it after they had gone to bed. Don’t judge me too harshly though, I did let them have the entire bar on the right which was two layers of chocolate sponge sandwiched with a chocolate spread and covered in chocolate. I bet that will set off my spell checker – it will be telling me I used the word chocolate too often in that paragraph.

Finally, we came to the smaller items in the candy box and the little ones indulged in the time-honored tradition of rock paper scissors to fight it out over who got what. I can’t be sure what each flavor was but I do know that all but one got the thumbs-up.

Would We Recommend Candy Box Russia?

The answer to that question would be an unequivicable yes. The box was packed full so you certainly get your moneys worth. Every item in the box was of good quality and arrived at the door all in one piece. I have had other food boxes that turn-up and when you open them items are squshed or have leaked. None of that happened because of the care taken in packaging.
All but one tiny candy ball – the one wrapped in red, blue and green in the photo above – were considered delicious. The only reason that one received a thumbs down was because of personal preference and not because there was anything wrong with it.
So surprise the candy lover in your life with a gift from Candy Box Russia. Just make sure you live close enough to them to share.

Whare & How Can I Buy Candy Box Russia?

Candy Box Russia are available a single boxes or on a three or six month subscription plan.
You can purchase Candy Box Russia direct from their website at http://candyboxrussia.com/
Mini Sweets Box – 5 or 6 different types of candies & 1 mini chocolate.
1 Month  – $13.00
3 Months – $37.50 ($12.50 per box)
6 months – $72.00 ($12.00 per box)

Medium Sweets Box –  4 or 5 different types of sweets, & 1 full-size chocolate + different sweets
1 month –  $23
3 months – $66 ($22 per box)
6 months – $126 ($21per box)

Large Sweets Box – 8 different types of sweets, ( includes 2-3 full-sized sweets and 2 chocolates full-size )+ different sweets
1 month – $37
3 months – $108 ($36 per box)
6 months – $210 ($35 per box)

About Candy Box Russia

From the website

Candyboxrussia is your sweetest monthly box of confectionery. We assemble boxes of Russian chocolate,bonbons and other candies and deliver them worldwide!

Please subscribe to receive boxes with always new and still always yummy candies every month!

We send only the freshest sweets straight form Russian confectionary factories!

Subscribe for several monthly boxes beforehand and get a discount!

Find Candy Box Russia Online

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  1. This looks like a product that I would love to get. I’ve seen some Russian made foods in a store recently, so seeing these candies peeks my curiosity about them.

  2. Thank you for this review. I had never heard of this before. It looks like it includes some really great items.

  3. This is so cool. My husband is from Russia (well his ancestors are) and this would be such a great present for him. Thanks for sharing the information!!!

  4. Wow, I would love to try this candy. I love candy and actually make homemade candy so I always love trying new kinds. It always gives me ideas.

  5. I love surprise food boxes. So much fun to try new things each month. I’ve never had anything from Russia this is seems a delight.