If you live in constant fear of your children discovering you don’t know a quadratic equation from a hole in the ground, then Dorling Kindersley has the book for you.

“Help your kids with Math” is the perfect resource to help you help your kids. In our house, we have spent many frustrating hours surfing the net looking for math help only to find confusing explanations or pages full of ads, pop-ups, and invitations to find the perfect partner. Now, instead, we can sit at the laptop with G’s work on screen and look through the very easy to navigate “Help your kids with Math.”

I liked this book as soon as I opened it -even without reading the actual content. It is logically set out, with clear diagrams and text – not at all intimidating, as some textbooks can be and it answers many of the questions about math that you have always been too afraid to ask. For instance, who among us can truthfully say they understand how to use all of the functions on a scientific calculator? But you can’t ask someone – “How do you use this?” firstly because you’ll feel silly and secondly because they will have to think of a response that does not reveal that they have no idea either! Fear no more. DK has published a math book for the non-math fan parent, you’ll save face and even learn something yourself in the process.

There are also many reference tales at the back of the book that set out lots of necessary information that you may need but have no idea how to work out. For example, the page below gives numerical equivalents. It’s easy to work out in your head that 10% = 1/10 = 0.1 but what is .24 expressed as a fraction? Now you’ll be able to find out quickly & easily. It is often the more simple things that trip us up, so there are pages about how to calculate the area of particular shapes and how angles are measured.

If, like many people, just the word algebra fills you with fear, “Help your kids with Math” starts with the basics and walks you through step by step to ensure you are confident enough to help your child.

Having said that, don’t worry that this book is just the basics. If you have the appetite for more, or your child has progressed to the good stuff in math, there is still plenty to help you – Quadratic Equations anyone?

“Help your kids with Math” has quickly become the go-to source for help in our home. I use it to help me help the kids with homework, and we all have fun while we learn together – what better endorsement could I give?


  1. Alot of people have a hard time grasping math. This is awesome. I need to get this for my grandchildren. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. This book sounds great. It is one we could definitely use at our house. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  3. By the time my youngest was in grade school, new math had taken over and I couldn’t her her any more! I always passed the buck to my husband. lol I want to win!

  4. I dread when my kids say they need help with their math homework, especially now that they are now learning via Common Core. I have no idea how to do that nonsense! I want to win!