As convenient as ebooks and audiobooks are, nothing beats holding a hard copy of your favorite book and flipping through its pages. Owning hard copies of books is great, but it’s easy for an extensive collection to clutter a small home or apartment. If this is the position you find yourself in, don’t worry. We have 5 creative ways to display books in a small apartment. PLUS, these ideas will also work in any other kind of home. 

Finding ways to store books in a small apartment is important as it not only keeps your home organized and clutter-free, but it also keeps your books fresh and longer-lasting. Check out these creative ways to display your books and gain inspiration for your next DIY home project.

1.Turn your headboard into a bookshelf

literary headboard

Replace your current headboard with a headboard bookshelf, perfect for keeping your late-night reads close by! If the headboard isn’t an option, try storing your books by the baseboard of your bed. Use a bookshelf that is the same width as your bed and place it at the foot of it and fill it with your favorite books.

2. Make a reading nook

reading nook

A fun way to store your books is by turning an open window into a reading nook. Store the books under the bench to keep them away from the direct sunlight, and use cushions on top to create a cozy place to read all of your favorite books.

3. Turn a faux fireplace into a book display

A functioning fireplace is no place to store your precious books, but a faux fireplace can make a great built-in bookshelf. This display will make use of the empty space inside the non-functioning fireplace while creating unique and quirky storage.

4. Create a room divider 

Bookcase room divider

If you live in a studio apartment, room dividers help break up the space. Use this to your advantage by using a fun bookshelf to help divide the room and achieve more privacy. You could use a standard shelf or opt for etagere shelving for a more open look.

5. Arrange floating shelves

Floating shelves are stylish and offer extra display space for your picture frames, houseplants, and knick-knacks. Utilize this space to display your books instead! You can create your own unique library as you fill up a blank wall full of funky shelves and your favorite books.

Whether you’re an innovative decorator or a casual book hoarder (maybe even both), these fun displays will keep your books organized and fresh. For more creative ways to display your books, check out ApartmentGuide’s infographic below.

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