Each summer, kids all around the world attend summer camp. With there being a camp for almost every interest, activity, or sport, there’s really no reason to not send your child to camp this summer. Summer camps offer a chance for kids to explore new interests, make new friends, and build confidence and independence. In fact, 92% of campers agree that attending camp helped them feel better about themselves. So with all of the benefits camp has to offer, you should highly consider sending your child to summer camp. But how do you find the right camp?

A good place to start is by considering your child’s interests. Kids often have a wide variety of interests — from sports to computers to hiking outside, there are so many opportunities to find camps that will encourage these interests. However, it is important to make sure to talk about camp with your child. You obviously want them to enjoy camp, so make sure you ask them what kind of camps they’d be interested in and whether or not they want to consider overnight camps.

If your child has a wide variety of interests, it may be beneficial to explore broad camps. For example, if your child is interested in being outside, you may want to consider adventure camps. These camps explore numerous outdoor activities like biking, fishing, rock climbing, and canoeing. Or if your child is interested in computers and technology, you may want to look into more academic camps. These camps offer lessons on multiple subjects like biology, journalism, or robotics. If they’re really interested in technology, you should consider sending them to computer camp, where they can learn about things like information technology, which is comprised of computer science, design, and programming.

When it comes to researching specific camps, it’s important to start with deciding between overnight and day camps. This is a crucial first step because if your child wants to go to day camp, then your options will generally be limited to camps close to home. But after you’ve narrowed your options down, it’s time to start talking to someone who works at the camp. This step is especially important if this is your first time sending your kid to camp. You should talk to a camp employee and find out how the camp is run, what kind of training the staff goes through, and what kind of activities campers participate in. Overall, it’s important to just gather as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision.

In the end, the decision is between you and your child. You should choose a camp they’re not only interest in, but they feel comfortable and excited about. Summer camp is something every child should get to experience, so make sure your child is exposed to an awesome camp.