Do you need some hints and tips to help you get a good nights sleep? Come to think of it, when’s the last time you actually had a good nights sleep?

If you’re like far too many parents your answer is probably no. Or, more realistically something along the lines of, “I can’t remember,” “buggered if I know” or maybe even “what’s that? It’s been so long I forget.” This situation is leading many parents to turn to sleeping aids to try to get some rest every once in a while.

What’s Wrong With Missing Sleep?

In the meantime, we’re all suffering from a decrease in productivity and creativity.  In addition, there is an increased risk of more serious diseases such as diabetes. Yes, you read that right. The lack of a quality snooze can increase your risk of a number of medical conditions,oral health issues,  including stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

Not only that but a lack of sleep can impair your ability to pay attention. You’ll have trouble staying alert, concentrating, reasoning and problem-solving. That’s without the increase in levels of depression found in those who have trouble sleeping. Oh, and the faster aging of the skin and a reduction in sex drive. Fun eh?

So, what’s a parent supposed to do when their child finally begins to make it through the night and mom or pop find they can no longer sleep? There’s plenty of advice on how to help your littles catch some kip, but less available for adults.

How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

Fortunately, science has told us that there are some easy-to-implement routines that we can use to carve out more sleep. For starters, heavy meals, especially those that you ingest right before bed, are a terrible way to encourage your body to get the rest it needs. And all our devices? Leave them outside of the bedroom.

Want more ideas? This graphic can help you get started.