5 easy veggies for kids to grow


5 Easy Veggies for Kids to Grow

 I love seeing kids out in the garden learning where our food comes from, plus gardening gives them a great sense of the growing life cycle. One of the best ways to teach kids about plants and flowers is to have them grow their own vegetable garden. There are a few vegetables that are super easy for kids to grow, and here are the top five.

  1. Carrots are easy and fun since the kids can sow the seeds and then thin them out as the plants grow bigger. Carrot seeds sprout super-fast giving the kids joy since they see their work paying off so quickly. Once the carrot shoulders start to push up out of the soil they are ready to pull up and enjoy.
  2. Radishes can be grown with the carrots as they will grow faster and are ready to harvest 3 weeks after the seeds have been sowed. Kids might not always love the taste of radishes but seeing a plant grow up and ready to eat in just 3 weeks is a fun and easy way to keep them engaged in the garden.
  3. Tomatoes are fun for kids as they grow so many different types. Kids tend to like to either grow the little pear or cherry tomatoes as they ripen faster and are easy for them to eat right off the plant when they are out tending to their garden. Older kids love to grow the large beefsteak tomatoes and get a kick out of seeing just how large these tomatoes can get.
  4. Green beans are a great to grow from seeds as the seeds are large and easy to handle. You can start green beans inside using an egg carton or sow directly into the soil outside. The bean will sprout in 3 days and grows quite quickly.
  5. Peas are another great plant to grow from seed as they are large and the kids recognize them as a vegetable that they eat. These are best planted against a trellis or against plants that will grow tall so the peas have a support system.

Teaching kids early how our food is grown is essential and that with all things in life, care has to be given to grow big and strong. With vegetable gardening kids learn how to take care of a living thing and nurture it with great potting soil, watering methods, and learning how the plant reacts to sunlight are lessons that show kids how to take care of our planet.


  1. I love gardening with my f=grandson. It is wonderful to let him reap the rewards of gardening. He loves carrots from the garden, and the raspberries and strawberries too.

  2. I have such great memories of helping in my Grandpas’ garden as a tot.Will do this with my own grand daughter this summer