Unsurprisingly, my teenage sons don’t take much notice of my blogging. I get the occasional comment from them – “Can’t you get some Whitecaps season tickets to review?” or “I could help you out if you wanted to review and X-Box One” but generally to speak, mums blog is of no particular interest. So it was an unusual occurrence when they both suddenly offered to help me out. All became clear when I found out – they knew I had a Loot Crate to review! “Have you opened it yet?” , “Can I see what’s in it?” I hadn’t heard so much from them since they hit puberty. So it was with an eager audience I opened the Loot Crate.

The Review

Loot Crate will send to your door, a box of Geek and Gamer swag every month. Costing $19.37 (US) you will receive items that are worth $40+ all centred around a loose theme. Previous topics have included “SURVIVE” – with items such as “The Zombie Survival Guide” an “Ewoking Dead” T-Shirt & the Outbreak Status Temporary Tattoo Set – and “LAUNCH” which included a Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book, a Star Trek Communicator Badge and a Superman POP! Vinyl. I was sent the February 2014 WARRIORS! Box and there was a generous bounty to be found inside. First there was the booklet that gave us the background on each of the items, and strangely enough, the cover looked exactly like the four of us crowded around the Loot Crate.

LootCrate Booklet

The boys instantly started to fight over who would get the Alpha Battle T-Shirt by Shirt Woot, a fight they were both destined to lose. With a mum & dad that were gamers long before the boys were even potential people – we got first dibs on the goodies, and I snagged the tee before anyone else could put their grubby little mitts on it. Bravest Warriors Bow Tie - Frederator Next came the Bravest Warriors Bow Tie by Frederator. This one went to James because he will be graduating shortly and can wear it with his suit – the only one of us likely to wear anything approaching formal soon. James also lucked out by snagging the Dunny Sideshow. He has wanted to check these out for some time and was glad to finally get the chance to check them out. The downside to this is that he now wants to buy many, many more of them. Dunny Sideshow This is what he found inside. It is also the item he is now getting constantly worked up about his little brother & sister stealing from his room.Dunny Sideshow2 At this point in the unboxing, Josh started getting all huffy because he hadn’t got anything. As soon as the GPS Cinch Bag (by Frederator & Loot Crate Labs) came out of the crate his hand shot out, and I just caught a picture before it disappeared into the dank, dark depths of his Josh cave. GPS Bag Jeff was left with the Bacon Love Card, the Bravest Warriors Digital Comic, and the Bravest Warriors Sticker!

While I enjoyed sharing the box, personally I wouldn’t subscribe for myself. The quality of the goods was excellent, and I felt it was value for money but my Geek interests are very particular, and the range of items in the boxes is quite broad. For example, I would have loved the items in the “SURVIVE,” the “ANIMATE” and the “CELEBRATE” boxes but most of  the items from “CONSOLE WARS,” “LAUNCH” and “TITAN!” I would have given to others. I would, however, certainly consider this as an excellent gift for several members of my family. It would be a special geek & gamer Christmas every month, and I know at least three of my grown kids would love to receive these every month.