Not Another Bill Collage

Do you have a special person in your life for whom it is impossible to buy? Perhaps you would like to get something other than bills and flyers in the mail? Well – Not Another Bill is the subscription service for you!

It’s a simple idea – you subscribe to the service, and they send you a surprise present each month in the mail. NAB collaborate with established and up & coming brands bringing you something original and exclusive to brighten up your mailbox once a month. When you sign up, you answer a few questions, and NAB uses this info to send you the items most suited to you each month.

If you choose to subscribe to NAB as a gift to show someone how much you think of them 12 times a year, you can also include a personalised note and print an e-card for the object of your attentions.

Review Time

Blogging is not the straight forward – get stuff & write- activity that many people think it is. Having said that, there is no denying – sometimes you get sent awesome stuff! I was lucky enough to be sent one of the Not Another Bill surprise packages, and I was very pleased with the items I received.

I had answered some questions so the good people at NAB could send me the items most suited to me and then I waited, expectantly for my parcel to arrive. Not Another Bill was proudly emblazoned across the packaging, so I knew straight away that it was a super surprise just for me. I was always that weird child who would slowly peel back the tape on a present, carefully folding back the paper and enjoying the anticipation of what I would find inside & I am now the weird adult who does the same. It drives my family crazy – they are all of the “rip it open and get at it” school of present opening – but I get almost as much enjoyment from opening a surprise as I do from the surprise itself.

The inner wrapping of the surprise was lovely. Each item was carefully wrapped in tissue paper, held together with golden, embossed stamps – more anticipation and slow unwrapping!

NAB inner wrapping

When I finally caved in and opened the inner parcels I was delighted with what I found. First of all, a pair of notebooks that were wonderful to the touch as well as to the eye. I let my guard down for a moment, while I was opening the next package, and our daughter Evey made off with one of them!

NAB Note Books

Once I had retrieved my notebook (sorry I’m not a mum who can selflessly let my kids have anything of mine!), I got the chance to see the pencils I had been unwrapping. As you can see, they are quite lovely and will certainly be restricted to mum use and the littles can stick with their Crayola!

Note Books

One of the things I am unable to convey in my review is the beautiful smell that wafted from the box, and I found out why in my final parcel. I peeled back the paper to expose a hot pink leather folder. I may be a little peculiar (OK so I know I’m a lot peculiar), but I sat for a moment and just enjoyed the feel and the smell.

Not Another Bill - Folder

 As well as my surprises my box contained a welcome note and information about the items I had received. My stationery was developed in collaboration with British luxury stationery brand Studio Sarah. The paper stock was carefully chosen by the team at Not Another Bill, as well as the colour tones & hues to create the notebooks and the gold foil to finish everything off.

All in all the Not Another Bill package was a feast for the eyes, the fingers and the nose! I had been excited before the parcel arrived – having seen some of the other exquisite items from previous months – and I was not disappointed. I would be so happy to receive this as a gift and if anyone would like to subscribe to me – well I wouldn’t say no.

To subscribe for yourself, or as a gift, visit Not Another Bill to sign up. Subscription costs include all taxes and shipping worldwide, and subscriptions are available on a month to month basis, for three months, six months or 12 months