When we were sent a Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks pack and a Surprise Chick House to review I had no idea how much the kids would enjoy playing with them. I had assumed it would be a one-off hatch from an egg and a vague hop around in the plastic ‘garden’ before the little ones were bored and moved on from them to something else. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

For starters, the chicks can hatch from the egg as many times as you like. Just put the little birdie back in his egg, close it up, and wait. He might hatch quickly, he might hatch slowly, but whichever way it goes, he will hatch with much cheeping and a happy little dance that will delight your kiddos time after time.

You can play with the egg and chick alone, but if you have the Chick House, you can hatch your new friend inside the house then watch them hop outside into the garden where chicky will perkily sing and dance for you. Possibly the best thing about the chicks is that when you scratch them on the head enough, they will sing you a song. This was so cute, all seven of us in the house were drawn into tickling the chick and listening to it sing.

If you stop playing with them, the chicks will cheep occasionally, but they will power down and save their batteries after 20 minutes if you can leave them alone for that long of course.

When you buy one of the Little Live Pet Surprise Chicks, you never know which one you are going to get inside your egg. There are five different chicks in the first series that your kids can collect: Blossy the Daisy Chick (Pink), Beaky the Rainbow Chick (White), Tilly the Dancing Chick (Blue), Patty the Party Chick (Purple) and you can also get a limited edition Golden Chick.

The eggs and the chicks are a good size so there are no worries about them being lost easily and they a sturdy enough to stand up to repeat hatchings at the hands of our son who seems to be able to accidentally break anything just by looking at it. We have Tilly and Henny Penny theSunny Chick that only comes with the chick house. Other series are available so there is no limit to the size of your chicken farm.

The furry covering on the chicks feels lovely under the hand, and the eggs and house are good and sturdy, so there is no chance of them breaking easily. The eggs and home are easily transportable so that they can travel over the holidays and now the littles want to collect all six.

You can find Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks in all good toy stores and here Little Live Pets SURPRISE CHICK on Amazon.