Tea Sparrow Title

Being born in Britain, I am the stereotypical tea drinker. When I moved to Vancouver, the coffee shop culture came as a real shock. It wasn’t just hot water & some instant granules – no siree!  I felt it was possible to order at least 48,984 different types of coffee, but I couldn’t find a good tea shop anywhere. Now I don’t have to find a good tea shop – the quality tea comes straight to my door via the magic of Canada Post & Tea Sparrow! Here’s how it works.

Tea Sparrow Packaging

This was the cute but sturdy package that arrived at my door. Inside were four separate sachets of tea and a tea information sheet, all wrapped together in tissue paper.

Tea Sparrow 3

My subscription box contained the following:

  • Rooibos Du Hammam
  • White Tea Champagne
  • Organic Masala Chai
  • Cacao Tea

This was enough for approximately 35 – 40 cups of tea, depending on how strong you like your tea and, of course, how big your tea cup is!

The first tea to be opened was the White Tea Champagne. This turned out to be a blend of white tea, lemon grass, cornflower, sunflower blossoms, balm leaves and black & red currants. The mixture was slightly sweet, as was the aroma – the smell of white tea and red currants floated around the kitchen.

Next came the organic Masala Chai. My husband had a problem with this as it is best when steeped for several hours. His points were a) If you want a cup of tea, you want it there and then and not wait for 6 hours & b) If you steep it ahead of time, how do you know you’ll want it later? My response to that was – I always want a cup of tea, so if I brew some up now I know for a fact that I will want it later!

The Cacao tea was not my favourite, but that was more than made up for by the Rooibos Du Hammam. This tea was by far the best of the pack – not to say the others weren’t good – but this one shone for me. This is where the Tea Sparrow labels are invaluable. They tell you where to buy the teas, direct, online. No having to track them down yourself, spending hours on end fighting Google – hooray!

I would certainly be glad to receive a subscription to Tea Sparrow as a gift (hint hint). I also know some other tea drinkers who would be excited by the opportunity to sample a range of teas, without having to put their book down and go out into the world and track these teas down.

A subscription to Tea Sparrow costs $20 per month (with free shipping to the US & Canada), and you can find out more here.