Who among us wasn’t in love with stationery when they were a kid? I still remember the joy of lining up all of those funky novelty erasers and the different size and shaped character pencil sharpeners. Cute pencils, pretty pencil cases, stickers, paper clips, notepads, there was such joy in it all, and anyone I have asked says the same thing- they loved stationery, and if they’re honest, they still do.

So it was a no-brainer that I would want to review In Your Case stationery boxes and have the glorious fun stationery of my childhood delivered straight to my door.

What’s In The Box?

It is always a good sign when the postie knocks on your door, and they are holding a shiny package. Just looking at this made us all excited.

Filling out the envelope was a thick package, carefully wrapped in tissue and when we peeled back the tissue all of this was waiting for us.

The great thing about the stationery package is that there is something that everyone will like in there. The bad thing about the stationery package is that there is something in there for everyone and I had to share.

If you are not aware, Totoro is the title character of the Japanese animated movie “My Neighbor Totoro” which has an international cult following. The film was re-released by Disney with English voice-overs and is well worth watching with your kids, tweens, teen, and adult children. As a result of its universal appeal and charm, this pencil case is going to our eldest daughter, for who we bought, among other things, Totoro socks for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and it was her 29th birthday, and she came for a birthday visit with her husband.

Evey, our youngest daughter and I will share the note cards and envelope set. I am trying to encourage her to write letters and notes to share with her older relatives back in England. I am hoping to inspire a love of snail mail that you just don’t seem to get anymore.

Next up were the cute little Owl items- a notebook, pencil sharpener, pen, and pack of tiny owl pegs.

I’ll let you guess which little lady in the house nabbed these items before anyone else had the chance to.

That’s not all that was inside the package either. These three dinky pens and three strips of colorful, decorative tape which you can see a lot more clearly here.

Finally, there were these fabulous pencils with erasers on the end that looked good enough to eat.

Would We Recommend “In Your Case”?

Absolutely we would recommend this fantastic new Canadian stationery box. Not only is it a rare chance to purchase a subscription from a Canadian company but it is the perfect way to reignite the flames of fun in your life.

We especially like that you can buy a subscription or you can buy a one-off box or a theme pack. If you have a future astronaut, they have you covered. Unicorn fan? Emoji enthusiast? A lover of the Holidays? In all of these cases In Your Case has got you covered. Get on over to their website and order now. You won’t regret it.

Where & How Do I Get “In Your Case”?

In Your Case boxes are available direct from the In Your Case website https://inyourcase.ca/

Theme Boxes – $19.99

  • Christmas Holidays Theme Pack
  • Outer Space Theme Pack
  • Owl Theme Pack
  • Donut Theme Pack
  • Emoji Theme Pack
  • Ice Cream Theme Pack
  • Unicorn Theme Pack
  • Fun Pack Theme Pack


Subscription Boxes

Teens & Adults Stationery Boxes

Single box – $24.99

3 Months – $72.00

6 months – $138.00

12 months – $264.00

Kids & Tweens Stationery Boxes

Single box – $19.99

3 Months – $57.00

6 months – $108.00

12 months – $205.00

From The In Your Case Page

Stationery & Craft Box for kids & teens!
Each month your child will receive at least 6-8 super cool, ultra-modern items & crafts, perfect for every kids’ pencil case! Teens & Parents, we have you covered too! For $25 receive the “older ‘ version of the box, which will include at least 6-8 beautiful & modern items to bring life to your desk!
  • Products will include essentials for every pencil case, which can be used in the classroom or at home. Each bundle is packed with pencils, crayons, notebooks, crafts – you name it.
  • Unique items to keep the creative minded child intrigued & those kids hooked on their electronic devices take a break from screen time and be inventive through their imaginations!
  • Reasonably priced and saves parents the hassle of going to the store.
  • Popular themes
  • Unique products that are not easily found in shops

In Your Case Online

Website     Facebook


  1. I absolutely love these cases and would be super elated to win one!! Thanks for the opportunity Merry Christmas ??

  2. The unicorn stationary is just too cute! My youngest daughter has a penpal from Scandinavia i believe but they write each other every month and put little trinkets in there too. She would definitely love this, in fact this would be perfect for both of them.

  3. I have such a love for stationary items. It comes from when I was a kid and there was a printing business about a block from my house. I would go in there and look at all the paper, pens and highlighters. The man who worked there was so nice to me and probably to get me out of the store, he let me pick out a pen to take home. I didn’t go there a lot, I didn’t want to wear out my welcome. Just a good memory from when I was a kid.

  4. I love subscription boxes! Wish I could get them all! This one is super cool! The different themes are adorable! Great review! Thank you for sharing!

  5. These Subscription Boxes are a really groovy idea…but I never know which to choose as there are sooo many and sometimes people don’t always send groovy things…these look AWESOME~!!

  6. I love this subscription box! It’s wonderful that In Your Case came up with this. I agree with everyone else that I have never heard of this company but now that I have I am spreading the word.

  7. These Subscription Boxes are really cute! Great review, I’d never heard of them before! I know that my Granddaughter would be delighted with so many of them! She loves collecting erasers, pencils, stickers and more!

  8. I loved this stuff! My favorite was those erasers that smelled good, like strawberries. I had no idea a company made packs like these.

  9. Such a cute idea. I think all our children would love this. So many fun things in the package. Thank you so much for sharing

  10. OH my gosh, I want this. Is it available in the US?
    I would love to get this for a birthday present.

  11. I love this! I would have begged my mom for this when I was a child. I think it’s great that you’re encouraging letter writing for your daughter. I think I’m going to follow your lead and get these for my children to do the same!