Sunshine Alley Boxes came into being because the founder, Tracy Demers, understood the isolation and misunderstanding that surrounds mental health conditions and chronic physical illnesses, especially for those who have several overlapping conditions.

When you are having difficulty just getting through the day, self-care can be pretty low down on your list of things to do, if it even makes your list at all. Ironically it is self-care that can help to lift you from the trench warfare of your illnesses, up onto the surface where you are reminded of the sunlight that shines on our lives.

Enter Sunshine Alley Boxes, full of items to remind you to take care of yourself, to encourage you through rough times, gifts to occupy your mind, and to inject a little silliness and fun into your day.

What Was In The Box?

Sunshine Alley isn’t like other gift boxes that might be themed around a particular interest. Instead, the contents are chosen for their potential to give the recipient a lift, both mentally and physically.

Upon peeling back the pretty yellow paper, I discovered a wealth of items that were as thoughtful as they were varied.

From the “Here you go, have something pretty just for you, because you deserve it” perspective there was a lovely silver pendant, with the words “You are my sunshine” inside and a cute sunflower ring that made me smile just by looking at it. I can imagine that wearing either item would serve as a reminder that the wearer was special and that someone had been caring enough to send them this thoughtful gift.

Delving deeper into the box I was rewarded with some fantastic thick fluffy yet soft socks, the perfect gift for those of us with medical conditions that impede circulation thus resulting in constantly cold feet or those of us with mental illnesses that involve us spending an extraordinary amount of time sitting or laying very still and consequently with freezing toes.

Tracy herself made the bath salts bottles which were nestled among the colorful paper shreds in the “Handmade with Love” bag. Just knowing somebody took the time to plan this gift, purchase all of the items needed and execute the creation and delivery, was heartwarming.

Among the other gifts were items “just because” including chocolate kisses, a couple of candies, some serenity herbal tea, and a foot soak. If you do don’t spend your life with multiple chronic conditions, you may not appreciate just how anyone of these things could be a spark of light on a dark day.

Smiley pins to bring a grin to my pinboard were put to use straight away. I used them to pin up the motivational card that was included in the box. Now, I am not always a fan of motivational items. They are sometimes so broad or so trite that they end up being condescending and of no use whatsoever. In this case, the exact opposite was true. This card really spoke to me and reminded me that what some people consider to be flaws can also be viewed as unique elements of character and beauty.

All of this plus soap, nail polish, a lip balm, a smiley stress ball, an aye mask and ear plugs, and more were hiding in the packaging and I actually managed to be strict for once and not allow the kids to keep anythng for themselves. I put the goodies iback in the box and saved it for a moment when I needed a lift and at that moment I was grateful.

Would We Recommend Sunshine Alley Boxes?

Not only would I recommend Sunshine Alley Boxes, but I am going to purchasing some as presents for a couple of special people in my life who would benefit from and appreciate receiving one of these thoughtfully curated gifts.

The quality and variety of the items in the box were, without exception, excellent, and there was nothing in the box that I could have quickly gone to our nearest store and purchased myself. This just added to the special feel.

In fact, I will be putting Sunshine Alley Boxes on my own wish list because I cannot imagine anything more beautiful than being reminded every month that somebody loves me, somebody cares and that there a million little things in the world that could be the catalyst for the first smile in days.

Where Can You Buy Sunshine Alley Boxes?

There are four ways to get your Sunshine Alley Box or, even better, to gift a Sunshine Alley Box to someone who needs reminding they are loved and are of value.

  1. One-Off or Monthly. $34 for one box
  2. Three Month Plan. $99 for three boxes
  3. Six Month Plan $195 for six boxes
  4. One Year Plan. $499 for twelve boxes

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  1. This is such an awesome gift box idea. There are so many people that have these kinds of problems. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless