Yummy Nummies snack, candy, and meal making sets come complete with everything you need to make adorable mini foods that not only look super cute but taste good too.

Depending on which playset you choose, inside the box, you will find everything you need to make all kinds of Yummy Nummies goodies such as; delicious donuts, gummies, hamburger & fries, soft pretzels, candy sushi and much more. All food ingredients are vegetarian and made in the USA. Serving sizes are based on the entire contents as a whole, and contain no preservatives. There are no secret ingredients, and these sets are real, magically fun.

We were sent a Yummy Nummies “Donuts Delights Maker, ” and a Yummy Nummies Make a meal fun set – the “Best Ever Burger” version.Yummy Nummies Burger and Chips

Both of the kiddos were very excited and rushed to get their aprons & hats so we could go & do some cooking straight away. Evey being Evey grabbed the donuts kit, and as a consequence, her brother Joshua was suddenly very keen to help her – nothing to do with his sweet tooth of course.

Both kits were very easy to use. The simple step by step instructions sheet was easy for Evey (age 7) to follow on her own and the actual mixing of the ingredients couldn’t have been simpler. You do not need any mixing bowls or measuring spoons because the kits come with trays for mixing and a special scoop for measuring out the powders and water. Many of the kits don’t need anything else, but ours required a few 10 / 15-second blasts in the microwave. This was enough to ‘cook’ but not excessively heat the foods making it safe for the little ones to remove.

These are the contents of the donuts pack, the ‘cooking’ process and the finished product:

The donuts she made tasted exactly like the donuts you buy at the store, the only problem with them was that they were very ‘moreish’ and being tiny they were gone very quickly. The real surprise was the mini burger kit. This is the kit and the process:

As you can see they looked just like a full-size burger meal and they actually tasted like tiny little burgers & fries. Complete with cheese & ketchup that you make yourself. It even comes with a little plastic cup for your cola – which you make yourself. The only negative I had with the burger kit was that when you have a child who goes slowly by the time you get to cooking the fries the burger is cool. I would make the sauce, cheese & cola first then mix the burger & buns & fries then microwave them one after the other.

The plastic trays provided can be washed with warm soapy water and used over & over or can be recycled in most municipal recycling boxes.

We had great fun with Yummy Nummies. The kiddos had the opportunity to be in charge in the kitchen cooking by themselves, and I felt comfortable letting them take responsibility for their cooking.  I would certainly be happy to recommend Yummy Nummies as a fun rainy day activity, and you can buy them at Toys R US & from Amazon.ca