Players, fans, and collectors of guitars are an exceptional breed. They live and breath the six-stringed idol that dwells in the center of their world and usually, they are a nightmare for which to buy an appropriate gift. An instrument is a very personal thing and everything, from cables and stings to straps and cases, speak from the soul and are chosen to express a very personal feeling about music and style.  As Joan Jett once said ” My guitar isn’t a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am” No wonder you are stumped about what to buy for your guitar enthusiast.

Well wonder no more, because one of the worlds passionate guitar lovers has created the perfect present for those who share his passion – Guitar Shop Tees.

Guitar Shop Tees works with iconic guitar shops from around the world who are known for their place in music history. These are the stores that any guitar lover worth their strings would love to visit, soak up the atmosphere, view their collections and breath the same air as some of the guitar greats.

You can purchase a single Guitar Shop Tees gift or choose to send one a month for three, six, or twelve months. Inside each gift box, your lucky music lover will receive a limited edition t-shirt celebrating one of the worlds great guitar shops. The t-shirts are designed in conjunction with the guitar shops concerned and are available for one month only. Once the subscribers run is over, that’s it, the shirts are retired meaning that the owners of these shirts belong to a very exclusive club indeed.

Along with the shirt, there is also a package of items, including information about the featured store, special offers from partners that guitar lovers will be wowed by, and other goodies which you can discover in a moment.

What Was In The Box?

When our package from Guitar Shop Tees arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was in a good, sturdy box. This may not seem like a big deal but many clothing companies will send items like this in a flexible plastic wrap and other things inside the package can be easily damaged. This was excellent quality packaging, and the tess were also carefully wrapped in tissue paper, despite the fact each one was in its own individual packaging. I thought this was a nice touch and meant that a recipient would really feel like they were opening up a special gift, not just splitting the plastic on a shrink-wrapped tee-shirt.

GST kindly sent us three t-shirts for this review so we could get a real feel for the quality and variety they offer. First up was the package featuring All Music in Plainview, New York. Known for its relaxed atmosphere, no sales pressure, and knowledgeable staff, All music is known as the place to go on Long Island if you play anything with strings. 

The tee-shirt is a good quality cotton, that has not shrunk after a number of washes and still holds it’s color well. Along with the shirt was a large card telling us all about All Music, a pouch of stickers, a pick, and a voucher for three free issues of Premier Guitar.

The t-shirt that only briefly passed through the photo shoot before being laid claim to by our youngest daughter was the one from Walt Grace Vintage. This guitar store, vintage car garage, fabulous art gallery in Miami is known for their passion and dedication to the guitar, not only as an instrument but as an art form.

The third package was from The Music Emporium in Lexington  Ma. Just as the other two had an excellent bag of guitar goodies, This third pack had a pack of picks, stickers, and offers as well as a Guitar Shop Tees beer holder so, needless to say; this one was swept out from under me by my husband.

As I sit here writing this review, my husband is sitting next to me in his “The Music Emporium” tee-shirt on, and all of the stickers and decals from each of the three packages are on his cases.

I was hoping to be able to keep the All Music shirt for myself, but that had disappeared into the basement where our two grown sons live and will probably only resurface again when whoever stole it finally decides he wants it washing.

Would We Recommend Guitar Shop Tees?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would recommend Guitar Shop Tees for lovers of music in general and guitars in particular. Not only are the packages of a high quality, with a variety of fun surprises, but they highlight some fantastic independent guitar stores that are now definitely on our list to visit. Guitar Shop Tees may be single handily responsible for a family road trip around iconic guitar stores in the next year or so.

Buy t for yourself or buy it as a gift and have it shipped straight to your guitar lover, but a word of caution. If you have one sent to you, make sure you open it when you are alone so you might have some chance of keeping a tee-shirt for yourself.

How Much Does It Cost & How Do I Get It?

The Month-to-Month plan starts at $25 per month, which includes shipping and handling*.  PAY AS YOU GO.  Each month you’ll be charged the same amount on the same date of the month you signed up, and you can cancel at any time.

The Three Month package is $22 per T-shirt. This package starts at a one time upfront cost $66*. This fee does NOT auto-renew.

The Six Month package is $22 per shirt PLUS you get one FREE T-shirt! Package starts at a one time upfront cost $132*. This fee does NOT auto-renew. 

The Twelve-Month package is $22 per shirt PLUS you get 2 FREE T-shirts! Package starts at a one time upfront cost $264*. This fee does NOT auto-renew. 

From The Guitar Shop Tees Website

It is impossible to deny that the independent guitar shop is an integral part of our local communities.  It is where you may have found and purchased your favorite guitar. It is where you pop in to get your strings, your straps, cables, and picks.  It is where you get your guitar serviced and set up. It is where you may take lessons or pick up a guitar magazine. It is where you can experience real guitars (most of the time outside of your budget) surrounded by people just like YOU. My local independent guitar shop has played an important part in my life. So much so that it was the reason I visited so many shops in the first place.

The idea behind Guitar Shop Tees is simple.  Provide cool, quality t-shirts to like-minded guitar players and fans while celebrating the great guitar shops and their dedicated owners and staff.  After all, it is these people who have dedicated their lives and livelihood to our collective love of music and the guitar.

So each month we take you on our collective ‘road trip’ and provide our subscribers a token of an amazing guitar shop, one that you should know if you don’t already.   

The designs are all created by and with each individual guitar shop.  But each package is more than just a t-shirt.  We like to think of it as an ‘experience’. Yes, there is a great limited edition t-shirt, but each package contains much more – an introduction to the featured shop along with great extras as well as special offers from our friends and partners.  It’s a care package from your guitar-crazed friend who went to an amazing guitar store that you have to check out.  The experience is personal, from the shop selection all the way to the final packaging, our team puts their all into making each and every package worth receiving. 

And, along the way, we support and honor great local businesses who work tirelessly towards something they love.



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  1. My step son loves playing his guitar. I might have to send him one of these. Thanks again for sharing.