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About the Bag

The Oemi Baby Bag is made to be both stylish and functional, with the needs of style-conscious parents in mind. It’s the perfect alternative to the traditional diaper bag, not a cute pattern nor a wipe clean plastic surface in sight.  In fact, the only person who will know it’s a diaper bag is going to be you.

Made from the finest and softest distressed aniline leather, the Oemi Baby Bag has five inside pockets with plenty of room for everything you and baby might need while on the go.  The clean, soft exterior has clip shut pockets for cups, bottles, keys or a cellphone.  Each bag has a deluxe changing pad and a full, removable shoulder strap perfect for looping over your stroller. Fashionable, functional and durable, this bag is designed to last from the early infant to toddler stages—and beyond.

What we think

Those of you that read the blog regularly know that I’m not what could be considered a ‘girly girl.’ I don’t own loads of shoes; my make-up routine consists of putting on a bit of mascara if I remember and I’ve never understood the passion some women have for bags – until now.

This was me when people got excited about their bags – before I received the Oemi Baby bag:

I don't understand

and this is me after I received the Oemi Baby bag:


Finally, I get it – I am totally in love with my Oemi bag!

The bag is made of the most gorgeous, soft leather – and the smell! – I could sit curled up on the sofa just sniffing this bag! The details on the bag are all done with great care. The stitching is finely executed, and the metal clasps that attach the shoulder strap to the bag are sturdy yet stylish. The zip is smooth running, and the snaps never failed.

Oemi Bag clasp

I like the fact that the bag is just as comfortable with the handles and the shoulder strap and it looks just as good with either too.

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Oemi Bag without strap

There are many inside pockets, and the best thing about these is that they are made of canvas – not some nasty wipe clean plastic that cracks and breaks or a cutesy print that your husband would chop off his right arm rather than carry it around somewhere.

And to give you an idea of its size here is a super cute picture stolen from the Oemi Baby website

c_1__58681.1405364687.1280.1280Most significant bit of my review!

The biggest reason I like this bag is that you would never know it is a diaper bag. Several people commented on the bag, complementing me and asking ‘who it was by.’ I have used it as both a diaper bag (I forgot it also comes with a high quality changing mat) and as a purse. This is how it looks ‘in use.’

Oemi baby bag in use 1

Oemi baby bag in use 2The reason this is so important to me is a bit of an unusual one. Our youngest son is eight. He also lives with autism and is still in diapers ( or more specifically, pull ups). Whenever we go out, we have to take a change of clothes, spare pull-ups, wipes – the whole changing shebang. We had been using a backpack, but it is hardly a good look when you are dressed up to go out. The only alternatives are bags that are obviously diaper bags; they are designed to affix to strollers or incredibly sweet & cutesy. With the Oemi baby bag, I get to take the changing things with me and not feel like everyone staring at the woman with the big kid and the baby changing bag.

So all in all, you may have already concluded I would recommend this bag in a heartbeat. Having had five children over two decades and on two continents, I have seen & used more diaper bags than the average mum. I feel I’m pretty well qualified to declare that this is easily the best diaper bag I have ever had, that I can see it lasting for many many years, and you have made my husband an anxious man because I have a new found love of high-quality leather bags!

Where you can buy one

You can buy the Oemi Baby bag in either gray or brown directly from their website. Shipping is free on the North American continent, and the bag comes with the detachable shoulder strap, a changing mat, and a large drawstring bag to protect your baby bag when not in use.

Oemi baby bag in greyOemi bag in brown



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