Sometimes I think that when you become a parent, the size of the responsibility and all of the things you need to do is so great that it takes up all of the room in your head. That means there is no room for simple, yet critical things like taking care of yourself. This becomes such a habit that sometimes parents need to be reminded we are important too and Oh Mother Care Kits are the perfect way to do that.

A Canadain subscription service, which also provides one-off gift options, Oh Mother Care Kits is the brainchild of Nicole Landry. A Canadian, Mom, and champion of self-care, Nicole hand-picks all of the items in the boxes, giving them the intimate feel you would expect if one friend packed a gift for another.

For me, the timing of delivery couldn’t have been better. Although I wasn’t in one of the deep troughs of my depression, I was definitely not in a perky place either and receiving a beautifully presented box of goodies, just for me was just the kind of pick-me-up I needed.

The Unwrapping

As you can see, the box itself was beautifully packed and presented.

On top of the contents are a set of cards, with recipes. There is also an index card giving you the background to all of the companies from which the products are sourced. The box contained:

Lavami Spiced Latte Bath Soak

Lavami products are created using non-GMO, sustainable ingredients from nature, with nothing synthetic or artificial. Personally, I am not a big fan of overly floral products or bathroom goodies that are packaged to conform to an ‘overly feminine aesthetic’ so I loved the look of the Spiced Latte Bath Soak Jar. I good quality brown glass with a simple black and white label, all of the excitement was on the inside.

I rarely take a bath, partly because of all of the water used but, if I am honest, it is more about the time taken. What mom is happy to book herself out of commission for an hour or so just to sit in some warm water? It has to be a special occasion and now I have the perfect reason to do just that. A gift of a beautiful bath soak is just the excuse we feel we need to make before we will pamper ourselves.

The Willows Bark Neroli & Marigold Herbal Steam

All ingredients in The Willows Bark are hand-picked in the local area by the artisans who create the small-batch products. This herbal steam is designed to be dropped into a bowl of “just below boiling.” You then lean over the bowl, with a towel over your head to hold in the steam, and breathe in and out slowly, allowing the steam to work its magic.

Flora Hue Herbal Chest Rub

Made to rub into your chest to ease congestion, coughs, and colds this rub should have a warning label on it. This stuff smells amazing, good enough to eat, which obviously you can’t! The base of coconut oil and shea butter leaves this mouthwateringly delicious smelling and even if you are not unwell, you’ll be wanting to rub this on your chest, or maybe get someone else to rub it in for you……

Rustik Soap Co. Cocoa Mint Body Butter

Like everything else in this lovingly curated box, this body butter is carefully created using natural, non-toxic ingredients and excludes any artificial components. As you might expect it smells rather like chocolate chip mint ice cream, which happens to be my husbands’ favorite flavor. He said I smelt good enough to eat and that’s just about all I have to say about that.

Modern Hippie Lip Conditioner

I especially like this lip conditioner because it doesn’t leave you feeling like you have a half pound of butter hanging off of your face after you have used it. The non-greasy formula is such a pleasant change from the items you can buy at your local pharmacy and the fact that I didn’t end up smelling like a fake fruit cocktail was also a huge bonus.

This was by no means the end of the treats. The herbal tea blend from the New Moon Tea Co. – elderberry tonic, was delicious, as was the lavender earl grey from Seafoam Lavender and I assume the gorgeous looking white chocolate by Rousseau Chocolatier was equally as good but the family descended on it like a swarm of locusts so all I was able to do was sniff the packaging and I can legitimately say it smelt fantastic.

Would I Recommend Oh Mother Care Kits?

I would recommend Oh Mother Care Kits without hesitation. It would not only be a lovely pick me up for a new mom but a welcome gift for an old one like me. As mothers we so rarely buy anything to pamper ourselves with, to have these luxurious goods delivered to the door is a push towards self-care that every mom needs.

The boxes would make a thoughtful gift for Mothers Day, Christmas, a Birthday, a baby shower, or any day ending in Y. Buy one for a mom you care for or leave this page open on your kid’s laptops with a note saying hint hint.

Where Can I Buy Oh Mother Care Kits?

There are six options for the Oh Mother Care Kits.

  1. The One-off single quarterly box for $89.95
  2. The Quarterly subscription box for $79.95 every three months
  3. The Everyday Mommin’ Box for $99.95
  4. The Soon-To-Be Moma Box for $119.00
  5. The Post-Partum Box for $119.00
  6. The Expectant Mother Package (items 4 & 5 Bundled) for $198.00

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