Regular readers will know that most of our family has a bit of a thing for books. So when we had the opportunity to review The Reading Bug Box, we jumped at the chance. Not only was it an opportunity to try something new, but we also hope it might finally interest Evey in reading.

The Reading Bug Box is somewhat different from other subscription services. They do not send the same chosen items of the month to everyone. What makes The Reading Bug Box special, is that you complete a form telling them about your child’s reading level, interests, and any other relevant information (for example I shared that Gabe has autism). The staff at the bookstore then handpick the book selection, according to what you have told them about your child.

It was immediately clear that the Reading Bug Box team take the curation of the book boxes to heart. I had indicated that although Gabe is 10, his reading level is around that of a 4 or 5-year-old. However, he is too old to enjoy ‘baby books.’

The team checked in with me by email about Gabe’s autism to ensure they did not include anything in the box that might be unsuitable for him. When we opened the box, there was the perfect book there waiting for him. “Little Penguin Gets The Hiccups” is a  story that was grown up enough for Gabe to enjoy, with some repetitive phrases to help reinforce his reading skills and the central character is a penguin, Gabe’s most favorite animal in the world.

Meanwhile, over on the chair in the corner was Evey, the only reluctant reader in the house. Evey is the child who made the shocking declaration:

“If we had to leave in a hurry ’cause there was an emergency we could leave all of the books behind ’cause they’re not important.”

If she weren’t an exact copy of me physically and a mental & emotional exact copy of her dad I would sometimes wonder if she was really our child at all.

However, Evey adores animals and the cover of Unlikely Friendships piqued her interest. First, she picked up the book and opened it on a random page. Then, she actually wanted to find out about what was going on in the photo. So she read the story that accompanied the image.

Finally, shock horror, she started at the beginning of the book so she could read the other stories. She wanted to read because “They look funny too.” Evey even grabbed a bookmark from the bookshelves so she wouldn’t lose her place.

A suspicious mom when it comes to an inexplicable change of behavior, I asked Evey to tell me about the story. I was fully expecting her to give me a word or two. Instead, I was blown away. She gave me a full rundown of what she had read. Then she said: “I read all of the words and I didn’t just skim it like I normally do when you ask me to try reading

While I am under no illusions that this is the start of Evey’s grand love affair with books, I am ecstatic that she has finally found one that draws her in. One that makes her want to continue reading and discover the worlds between the covers.

Reading Bug Box has achieved what I was beginning to think was impossible. For that, I cannot praise them highly enough.

Reading Bug Box can find the perfect books for your child there are three purchasing options:

Reading Bug Box for one will give you: 2-4 books & extra gifts. All are hand-picked by a book curator using information from your child’s profile. Cost – From $27 per month.

The Reading Bug Box for two is for two children, at the same address, according to their profiles. Extra gifts in the box tie in with the books provided and the books can be for kids aged 0-13. Cost – From $45 per month.

Baby Bug Box provides you with a monthly selection of board books for your 0-3-year-old. It is an excellent way to build a new library. Cost – From $18 per month.

They also have book boxes for teachers and homeschoolers.

From The Reading Bug Box Website

The Reading Bug Box is a subscription box that matches the best in children’s literature and other educational extras to your child’s age, gender, interests, and reading level. They ensure each delivery gets children and their parents excited about reading, learning, and discussing new topics.

From read-aloud books for the whole family to enjoy to early-reader and chapter series for new readers, the Reading Bug Box will grow with your child, adjusting and improving as they acquire new skills and interests.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this subscription box. It sounds like a great way to get a variety of books to help explore a child’s reading interests.

  2. What a great idea for a subscription box. I have a little grandson who loves to read and would love receiving something like this every month.

  3. Thank you for the review! We’re thrilled that Evey found a book to enjoy and that Gabe loved one of our favorites – Little Penguin.