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When we were kids there was no potential for talking to strangers or discovering unsavoury information when you were tucked up safe at home but today it’s not so simple. While the internet is a treasure trove of help & information, it is also a direct route into your home for all kinds of potential dangers.

As parents it can be difficult to strike a balance with internet usage and safety. You can utilise parental controls but they just enable you to block a chunk of the internet. If you use tracking software that just shows you what has already happened and there’s nothing like covert spying on your kids to undermine the trust in your relationship. So what can you do when, lets be honest here, you have good intentions for limiting time or access to certain apps but don’t always follow through with them? You download the best parental control app OurPact – that’s what!
OurPact is a parental control app for that makes it much easier for you to work with your child to control how much time they spend on mobile devices and what apps they access. By using the OurPact app you can create schedules for each child, block internet and app use at a moment’s notice and, importantly, reward your child with the allowance feature.OurPact parental control app syncs your phone with your child’s device so you can control multiple kids devices from one ‘phone. More than just a blocking or timing app, OurPact is designed to develop responsibility through technology, to encourage communication between parents & children and to teach the art of compromise.


Internet use & responsibility

Parents direct involvement in their children’s mobile habits has proven to be a key factor in children’s healthy approach to technology.  For example the internet is a place where kids can have access to the world like never before but unfortunately for everyone real dangers do exist. By getting involved in your child’s internet usage, you’re helping them learn what’s appropriate – and what they should stay away from. This also provides excellent opportunities for you to openly discuss with your child issues such as cyber-bullying, luring and on-line reputation.



Downloading applications and wasting hours on games is designed to be addictive. Because of this, it’s important to have some measure of control so your kids don’t grow up glued to their devices and missing out on other interests or social opportunities. With OurPact you can limit access to a particular app if you wish and ensure that ‘World of Tanks’ or ‘Candy Crush’ are not your kids only focus.

Social Media

For some, social media has become a replacement for regular social interaction. Instead of using an app that blocks social media (specifically Facebook monitoring) OurPact approaches this in another way. OurPact ensures balance, to give you control over your children’s devices so you can set schedules that ensure your teens aren’t staying up all night scrolling through endless social feeds.

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By using OurPact app to block social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Tumbler etc. you are given the opportunity to start the conversation with your kids about an issue prior generations haven’t had to deal with. It helps you do your part to help them through some difficult issues, showing that whenever they have questions, or even if they just want to talk you are there for them and open to difficult conversations.

Our kids have responded very well to the use of OurPact. With the younger ones we have discussed why they cannot be playing a game for X hours a day or wondering around the internet where they like. With the older kids it is invaluable for ensuring they are not on social media all night.

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If you only use one tool to help you & your child to use the net responsibly – make it OurPact. – Get your free download today!