If you are struggling to find a gift for a friend or relative in your life who are pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ, Butterfly Box produces unique subscription and gift box are thoughtfully created to bring reminders of God and His Word into one’s daily life. Delivered just one time or as a monthly subscription, you will find a variety of specialty items that are spiritually uplifting and encouraging.

The one time boxes are each curated around a theme and include:

  • The 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Joy Box
  • The Matthew 5:14-16, Let Your Light Shine Box
  • The Bridal Box
  • The Christmas Box

We were fortunate enough to be sent the Matthew 6:25-27 Butterfly Box for our review and this is what we discovered.

What Was In The Box?

When you first open the Butterfly Box you are presented with a carefully packaged selection of items that draw you into the box and induces you to explore further.

First out of the box for us was the adorable bird dish and the thoughtfully selected hand cream. This is a key feature of the Butterfly box. Alongside all of the other items, there is always an item designed just for you with which to pamper yourself.

The bird dish is the perfect size for dropping your ear-rings or watch into at the end of the day and will make a cute addition to my nightstand. If you don’t have any suitable trinkets for your little blue bird tray, the Butterfly Box has you covered because in the floral box that nestled in the packaging is a necklace.

After taking out those first three items, there was still more to discover. First of all was this enchanting plack which you can hang on the wall or stand on an end table. It serves as a reminder that you should not worry because God is there for you and will take care of everything.

A pretty greetings card so you can share your uplifting gift with a friend and a book by John MacArthur “Found: God’s Peace”. In this book, the author writes that the key to worry-free living and freedom from anxiety is to replace worry with prayer and right thinking. He draws on biblical passages to illustrate his points and the book is a marvelous resource for those seeking to climb out from under the burden of worry and anxiety.

Would We Recommend The Butterfly Box?

If you are looking for an unusual yet thoughtful gift for the Christian woman in your life, The Butterfly Box could be a perfect choice.

The variety of items is lovely. You not only receive an item for a little personal pampering but you have items for around the home, reminders of Gods plan, a book that shares strategies to enhance your life and spiritual journey and even a greetings card so you can share your joy with another.

I have already bookmarked the Butterfly Box page so I have a go-to spot for Mothers Day, Birthdays, Christmas, and any other day when someone I love may need a little something to uplift them.

How Much Does It Cost & How Do I Get It?

Subscriptions can be purchased for one, three, six, and twelve months. You can have the boxes delivered to your home or directly to the home of a loved one.

Month-to-Month costs $39.99

Three Months costs $115 or $38 per box

Six Months costs $220 or $36 per box

Twelve Months costs $400 or $33 per box

One Off Boxes 

These boxes are perfect for the surprise gift of uplifting. Dispatched 2 days after purchase they can be wit a loved on in two shakes of a lambs tail.

  • Box of the Month~It’s A Surprise! $45.00
  • Matthew 6:25-27 Bird Box $45.00
  • Matthew 5:14-16, Let Your Light Shine Box $35.00
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Joy Box $45.00
  • Ephesians 5:1-2, Love Box $45.00
  • Matthew 11:28 Box $45.00
  • Fall Butterfly Box $45.00
  • The Christmas Gift Box $49.99
  • The Bridal Box $84.99

From The Butterfly Box Website:

Butterfly Box was designed with all kinds of women in mind. The boxes are for women who are long time Christians, brand new Christians, women who need some uplifting or who are celebrating a special occasion. We also love our boxes to bless women who are struggling with an illness or who need to be shown appreciation. We even have a brand new Bridal Box for a beautiful faith based wedding gift!
It is our sincere hope that women will be blessed and uplifted by our Butterfly Boxes and that its contents will serve as small reminders of Christ’s love, promises, and faithfulness. The Butterfly Boxes are not designed to replace being in God’s Word, prayer and fellowship, rather it is simply to bless you in the process of growing through your ongoing daily communion with God and other believers. Our genuine prayer is that the contents of this box will be an encouragement to all women pursuing their faith.

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