Shopkins So Cool FridgeShopkins are the latest ‘must-have’ collectible toy, and they are all across the continent they are taking the playground by storm. Now in series three, they are available in packs of 2, 5, 12 and mega packs of 20 as well as in playsets, soft plushies and exciting items such as the Shopkins vending machine and the ‘Cool Treat Truck.’ You can even watch them in their very own webisodes right here.

Evey already had a couple of packs of these cute little food figures so when I was asked if we would like to review the Shopkins ‘So Cool Fridge’ the answer was a resounding yes. Of course, she wore a groove into the floor by the front door, pacing up and down waiting for the magical box to arrive and when it did, she wasn’t disappointed.

After carefully ripping open the cardboard box, so three dozen pieces of it fell to the floor she proudly produced this from the wreckage.

Shopkins So Cool FridgeI had to persuade her to let me have it for 2 minutes to show you how fun it looked, even before we got it out of the packaging! Predictably, she hopped from foot to foot saying “Are you done yet?” continuously until I had a photo to share, and then all bets were off – she ripped into that box like a starving dog ripping into a bag of dog food. The only pause in her liberation of the shopkins came when she had to get help cutting some of the elastic bands holding everything in place. She’s not allowed to use the scissors when she’s excited due to her ‘bull in a china shop’ approach to everything!

What do you get in the box?

You get the so cool metallic fridge, with two removable drawers and a ‘dispenser’ in the ice box. You also receive a super cute set of 6 eggs with assorted facial expressions and their own holder that fits into the fridge door along with a garbage can and two shopping bags. To round the set out, you have eight season-3 Shopkins including a Shopkin that is exclusive to this play set. Altogether you have everything you need to enjoy playing Shopkins in this one set.


What did we think of the Shopkins?

Evey couldn’t have been happier with the set. She ‘introduced’ the new Shopkins to her existing collection and roped me into an extended shopping game! We both enjoyed the push and drop dispenser, putting the ice cream sundae inside and pushing the button to dispense it. Evey especially loved the eggs with their assorted facial expressions and their dedicated container for the fridge door.

The Shopkins So Cool Fridge was also very popular with her brother Gabriel, which actually caused a few problems as Evey became very territorial over her Shopkins and had to be persuaded to share. Gabriel had a lot of fun with the Shopkins, but because he lives with autism, he tends to play rather differently to other kids. As a consequence, he took the eggs outside to give them a turn on his swing and lost two in the garden. As you might imagine this caused a huge upset and Evey still hasn’t quite got over the loss of her two favorite eggs, but that hasn’t stopped the So Cool Fridge being her favorite toy of the moment.

Christmas will be an easy buy this year, Evey loves them so much, she says it’s all she wants from now on!

Sure to cheer her up are some of the new season three Shopkins such as the stationary, shoe, hat, household goods and international food collections and here they all are on the Shopkins season 3 collectors poster.


Download the Season 3 collectors sheet here

Shopkins are available exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us check out their selection here.

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