Star Wars Crochet is one of three new additions to the Thunder Bay Press pop culture crochet line. Yes you read that right they have a special pop culture crochet line and it is perfect for sharing a craft with your kids. The other two new titles are “Classic Disney Crochet” & “Peanuts Crochet” both of which look fun but neither of which had the pulling power in our house that Star Wars did. Existing titles include “The wizard of Oz” and “Frozen”(don’t tell Evey about that one please!).

As you all know I am an enthusiastic, if not always successful crafter so it was with some trepidation I said yes to a request to review “Star Wars Crochet”. I was swayed not by the fact it was crochet (that is something I had never tried) but by the fact it was Star Wars and I knew all of the kids would geek out over it! I was right. As soon as I opened the box up I had three of them buzzing round, asking which characters you could make and fighting over who would get to be first to try crochet – not something I had ever imagined from our sons!

Star Wars CrochetInside the box there is everything you need to get started  including yarn, stuffing, a crochet hook, saftey eyes a yarn needle & enough thread to make Yoda & a stormtrooper. The instructions are in a Star Wars crochet book that also includes instructions for, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Jabba the Hutt, C-3PO, Wicket the Ewok, R2-D2, Boba Fett, Han Solo & my personal favourite – Chewbacca.

IMG_7290Don’t worry if, like me, you have no idea what you are doing, the book begins with very clear, very easy to follow instructions and photos. Even I got the hang of it and if I could manage it anybody can.

Star Wars CrochetEvey & I are really enjoying learning to crochet together & I would recommend this to any beginner who might like to try crochet but doesn’t know where to start. The crafting kits are $24.99 and are avilable from Amazon & all good book stores. Here are some pictures of the other two kits and now, Off to crochet Master Yoda I am.