Most of the time I can be positive about Autism, and its role in our family, but every now and again Autism sucks.

James is taking part in a great program with the Canucks Autism Network (CAN). Four Autistic teens have been invited to attend the gym twice a week, with a buddy. Two personal trainers will be working with the group & will develop training programs for everyone and staff from CAN will be there for support. The program is designed to give the teens a non-competitive, more low key, physical activity that they can then continue with, along with their buddy, when the program ends.

Now here’s the part that sucks – James can’t find a buddy at school to go with him, not one person; and I can’t even fool myself that it’s the activity – it’s the fact that James doesn’t have any friends.

The thought of him spending his school day alone, among others breaks my heart. High school is such a popularity contest anyway, but to know that none of the grade 11 boys would go with him, well what parent wouldn’t feel awful for their son in those circumstances?

He will still get to take part in the program, his sister’s fiance is going with him, which is great. I just wish that he had a friend of his own age to spend time with, to confide in, even get into trouble with – although not too much trouble!

So today Autism is awful. I will have my cry in the bathroom, so James doesn’t see me.

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