Gabriel is always a challenge to dress for Halloween; because of his autism, we cannot use certain fabrics or use items that make sounds. When we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, he ran straight to get his Dinotrux hat. Dinotrux is by far his favourite show right now. This original series on Netflix chronicles the adventures of Ty, a Tyrannosaurus trux – part T-rex, part excavator – and all of the Dinotrux and reptools he meets on his travels throughout the show. Gabe’s costume preference was for his favourite Dinotrux Garby – part Stegosaurus, part garbage truck – but we couldn’t make the four-wheeled truck work with Gabe standing upright, so we moved onto Ty! After several attempts we made a costume, we were pleased with, and most importantly, Gabe was happy with. I think the flashing lights did the trick.

If you would like to build your very own Dinotrux Ty, here’s what you’ll need as well as the instructions for putting it together! It’s not nearly as difficult as it looks and just requires a little patience.


1. Three large sheets of red exacto board

2. Three large sheets of black exacto board

3. Two large sheets of black foam core board

4. Four sheets of black A4 paper

5. One can of red spray paint

6. One can of black spray paint

7. Two 2-inch paint brushes

8. Two rolls of one-inch yellow duck tape

9. Two rolls of one-inch black duck tape

10. A glue gun and glue sticks

11. Ruler

12. Scissors

13. Stanley utility knife

14. Three yellow LED lights

15. A plastic chain

16. A florist’s styrofoam ball

17. Black pants

18. Red t-shirt

19. One cardboard box – a box big enough for your little Ty to be covered from their waist to above the knee. Ensure they have enough room to walk around when wearing the costume (approximately 36 inches across is needed).


1. Tape or glue a chevron pattern onto the four sheets of black paper and set aside

2. Use the black template below to cut out four pieces of black exacto board. These will be the main side structures of your tracks.

3. Cut 28 pieces of black exacto board, two inches by seven inches  These will form the sides of your tracks.

4. Glue the 28 track pieces to the two black side structures to form a hollow box and your track.

track detail5. Now cut out and glue several circles and other edgings to the tracks. You can get as detailed and creative as you like.

6. Use the black spray paint to cover the whole track that you’ve assembled with an even coat.

7. Cut out two sides for Ty using the red template below

8. Use black foam core board to cut the switches, circles and edgings and glue to the red side pieces

9. Draw in the additional details with a fine red pen

10. Cut around the top of the octagon shape free from the sheet and bend the rest of the card at a right angle. This will form the sides and top of the costume.

11. Spray a cardboard box red and glue both assembled tracks onto each side

12. Next, glue the red side sections in place.

13. To make the black arm for the ball and chain, cut four equal sized triangles from black foam core board, approximately 8 inches wide at the bottom and 30 inches long. Make a straight horizontal cut across the top of two triangles, approximately 2 inches from the top to remove the points. Then round the edges of the remaining two triangles.

14. Glue the four pieces together to make a tapered box. Cap the narrow end of the box with a rectangular piece of foam board, cut to size. You will have to bend this to shape to cover the end of the arm.

15. Cut out grid pieces (following the pattern shown in the picture above) and glue them to each side

16. Spray paint the florist’s styrofoam ball black. You will also need to spray paint the lightweight piece of plastic chain black.

17. Push one end of the chain into the ball and glue the other end to the bottom of your black arm piece

18. Glue the arm to the back of Ty. You will have to make a few cuts in the arm to adjust the position and ensure that the arm rests over the top of your box.

19. Cut and shape four pieces of black Xacto board to form the mud-flap pieces.

20. Glue the four pieces into place over the open ends of your red structure (to cover the area open between the box and the tracks on either side)

21. Cut your chevron sheets and attach them to the black Xacto board mud-flap pieces you have just glued in place on the front and back of your costume

22. To form your headpiece, use the red cardboard to cut a lower jaw piece

23. Cut the upper jaw and head pieces from red cardboard as well. Then fold and glue these pieces into place

24. Using the below as a guide, cut out silver teeth for the head piece25. Glue the silver teeth highlights onto both jaw pieces. Then glue the upper and lower jaws together and add the final black foam circles onto the jaw joint.

26. BONUS! You can use LED lights to attach on the front and back bumpers. You can also glue two (or three if your Ty is big enough) small LED lights to the top of Ty’s head and cap these with plastic shot glasses (spray painted yellow).

27. Wear and enjoy this Halloween!

If none of these excite your little ones, Netflix has enough inspiration for a school full of kids. We also want to try characters from The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show, The Adventures of Puss in Boots, All Hail King Julien, Mako Mermaids, Project MC2 and Ever After High. Our kids enjoy all of these programs, and we often use episodes as a base for home school projects, crafts, and even songs.

I would love to see what you have made for your little ones to wear for Halloween – please share below or Tweet your pictures to @RedheadedPatti #NetflixHalloween.


  1. Wooow.. You really have a great artwork here! And Gabriel looks fantastic with that costume. I really admire your creativity 😉

  2. Gabriel, you look great in your costume! I bet you’re super excited for hallowe’en. Thank you for being such a good model for these photos. It was so fun to photograph you and your sister. 🙂