Thanks to Sarah Palin, the term “soccer mom” became a bit of an insult, a slur against moms who may simply have their A-game turned on all the time and share their kid’s passions for everything. The way we see it, soccer moms are just another kind of supermom, and that feels so good. They make sure their kids have all their belongings, that the car is packed with everything needed and they get you to your destination on time, every time. Who knows where kids would be without soccer moms doing their thang.

So, to celebrate the existence of these superheroes, we have pulled together a tongue-in-cheek list of the qualities and traits that super soccer moms have in common.

The Minivan

It’s almost impossible to be a soccer mom without owning a minivan because let’s face it, where are you going to put a) all the kids you juggle effortlessly, b) all the equipment you are required to bring, and c) the snacks

Snacks For Al

Another thing every soccer mom carries is a huge sack of snacks, and the bigger the sack the bigger the legend you are. Essentially, you aim to carry enough delicious and nutritious foods to feed everyone on your kid’s team three times over.

Number 1 Cheerleader

Another thing that you take pride in, and rightly so, is knowing all the cheers for your team. All of them. You may have even made some of them up yourself while making the packed lunches. Who knows, you may have also graduated to the leader of the cheer section. Go you.

Eyes & Ears Everywhere

Another thing that makes you a supermom is that you know what went down, not just at the games, but in practice too, and that’s because you phoned up the coach and asked them how your kids did today. Sure, some may call this keen, but we know the truth: you’re just an involved parent.

You Feed Their Passion

There is nowhere you would go or anything you wouldn’t do to feed their passion for the game. If they want to play for Barcelona FC, then you go on and find out where the nearest academy is. If they made it to the provincial championship, you drive however many miles it takes, and you get them there on time. What’s more, you love it.

Grass Stains Are Easy

One of the secrets of being a soccer mum is your ability to get rid of grass stains. You know which laundry detergent works best and, should that fail, you have made your own secret recipe consisting of vinegar and few other not-to-be-named organic kitchen products. You even know how it’s best applied, you superstar.

All The Gossip

Part of being a soccer mom and being at every training session and every game is you get to talk to the other moms and dads. You become the person in the know. You get to hear all the gossip as and when it comes in and, while gossiping is ultimately frowned upon, it’s still nice to know you know everything.